Emerald Ash Borer–Highly Destructive to Ash Trees

What is the Emerald Ash Tree Borer?

Emerald Ash Borer beetleThe emerald ash tree borer is an invasive ash tree beetle. It was accidentally imported to North America from Asia and Eastern Russia in 2002. This ash beetle has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees in over 25 states. Emerald ash borer treatment can fight an infestation of the beetle, especially if applied as a preventive measure.

An adult emerald ash-boring beetle lays eggs in the leaves and branches of the tree and measures approximately ½ inch long. When the eggs hatch, the larvae bore through the bark and begin to feed on the conductive tissue inside, cutting off nutrients. When they become adults, they bore back through the bark, leaving S-patterned tunnels and D-shaped exit holes, consuming the bark as they go. The emerald tree borer then flies to the canopy top of the tree to mate, starting the cycle again. An infested tree will die in two to four years if not treated in time.

The first sign of a tree infested with emerald ash borer is a thinning of leaves in the top of the tree. If you notice thinning in the crown, call an arborist to treat the tree. There are several methods available at this stage. At later stages, the tree bark will begin splitting and there may be sprouts coming from the tree base. Heavy woodpecker activity on the tree is also a sign, as they feed on the larvae.

Prevention is recommended if you have trees in key areas. Once a tree has lost half of its upper leaves, it is probably too late. Trees infested with the emerald ash borer beetle should be cut down and destroyed. Cutting down a tree must be done carefully to prevent the spread of the beetle because the ash borer larvae can live up to two years after a tree is felled.

Ash Trees in Danger from Ash Tree Borer

The beautiful ash tree, a favorite tree for shade, lawns, and street landscaping, is in danger from the ash tree borer. Since the accidental introduction of the Asian and Eastern Russian ash tree borer beetle in 2002, ash tree damage has spread across North America killing tens of millions of trees.

Larvae drilling into the tree and eating it away from the inside, unnoticed from the outside, causes the ash tree damage. Borer damage to trees does not need to destroy your landscape. Contact a professional certified arborist who knows how to protect ash trees from emerald ash borer damage and save your trees with preventive methods. The arborist can also apply insecticide, as a preventive measure, to healthy ash trees.

Emerald Ash Tree Borer Evaluation and Consultation

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