Plant Health Care Services (PHC)

Plant Health Care Services with Stein Tree ServiceStein Tree Service is Delaware’s oldest independently owned tree care company, made up of ISA Certified Arborists, tree risk assessors, and other tree care specialists. In addition to our various tree care services, we offer Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland residents and businesses comprehensive tree and Plant Health Care (PHC) assessment plans developed by our plant health care specialist. PHC programs emphasize the overall health and beauty of your trees and shrubs through cost-effective and environmentally friendly means.

Plant health care services consist of essential practices that can maintain the beauty of your landscape through the use of cultural and biological methods. We can inspect and monitor your trees and plants for pests and diseases before they reach damaging levels and build for you a custom IPM (integrated pest management) package based on your landscape’s needs.

We offer a fully organic OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified line of products along with beneficial insect releases for a natural approach to PHC. Our plant health care service packages range from one to five visits, depending on the individual needs of your lawn. We offer fertilization and soil testing to promote healthy, thriving plants. Some of the different packages also can include having fertilization built in. We also offer organic deer repellants and tick control treatments.

Beneficial insect release is another organic option that we offer in our plant health care plans. On occasion, we evaluate a situation and find that the best course of action is to introduce an insect, such as a ladybug, to kill aphids or other invasive pests. 

How Does Our Plant Health Care Service Work?

  1. The first step is a complimentary inspection to determine the health of your landscape’s plants and trees.
  2. Next, our plant health care specialist will prepare a plant health care plan that is completely individualized to meet the needs of your landscape.
  3. Finally, we consult with you about the plan, and make arrangements for the care of your plants and trees over the course of 1 to 5 annual visits, depending on your plan.

Plant Health Care Services and Treatments

Our plant health care services start from the roots up, just like your plant health.

Soil Care Services

Soil Evaluation is Part of Plant Health Care Services with Stein Tree ServicePlant and tree health starts with the soil, which provides the necessary nutrients and water for the plants to thrive. Below are a few of our services that treat the soil.

  • Soil Evaluation – Soil is tested to ensure the proper pH levels for your plant life.
  • Fertilization– We offer organic and timed-release fertilizers to allow your plants and trees to get the right nutrients on an ongoing basis.
  • Mulching– Proper mulching helps plants and trees retain moisture and provides needed nutrients when breaking down.
  • Root Care– Roots are the means for trees and plants to receive their nutrients, so they must be kept in good shape. Our plant health care specialist can offer tips for proper watering to allow for deeper roots, and provide services in the event that roots become damaged through soil compaction or injury.

Plant Care Services

Yellow Green Shrub Care is Part of Plant Health Care Services with Stein Tree ServiceFrom the ground up, different plant health care services are needed. These services may be needed to treat disease or for pest management.

Seasonal Fungicidal Treatments

Many fungal plant diseases, such as anthracnose, are more effective if the fungicides are applied twice a year. Often these applications occur in spring or early summer, and this type of treatment could be a part of your plant health care services plan.

Foliar Applications

Foliar application, or application of a substance directly to the foliage of a tree or plant, is sometimes necessary. Certain secondary nutrients can be provided in this way, without the risk of the needed substances being leached away by the soil as in soil applications. Some pesticidal treatments require foliar application as well.

Systemic Trunk Applications

Some pesticides and disease treatments work best if they are injected systemically, like some treatments recommended for Emerald Ash Borer Treatment. Systemic injections involve using a type of drill syringe to put the substance into the trunk of a tree, which allows the tree’s system to circulate the substance into the rest of the tree.

Horticultural Oil Applications

Horticultural oils are used to control or prevent infestations by certain pests, such as aphids. The oils allow treatment with a low environmental or ecological impact on the surroundings.


For information about our plant health care services or to schedule a free inspection, contact us today at 302-478-3511.

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