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When you think “What’s the best local tree service company near me?” we want you to think of Stein. So our tree care specialists and certified arborists work hard to ensure that you get better service than you expect.

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, Stein Tree Service is the oldest independently-owned tree service company in the state. We also serve areas in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We are passionate about trees and tree care, so we offer free consultations to determine what treatment or actions need to be taken to preserve your trees or your family’s safety in the event of an unsound tree.

Some of the services we offer include:

Tree Care Services

We offer basic tree care services, such as fertilization and soil management or diagnosis of problems that are causing your tree to lose vitality. Other regular services we provide are maintenance tasks such as shrub and tree trimming and pruning, which are helpful aesthetically and can help prevent damage or injury when storms occur. Tree cabling and bracing are performed when necessary and tree lightning protection system installation is available as well.

Tree Removal

Spider Lift Being Used to Remove Tall Tree near power lines | Stein Tree Service  local tree service companyThough we love our trees, tree removal is often necessary for a number of reasons. If a tree is unsound or in a location that is problematic, such as near sidewalks or structures (with large roots causing cracks in the concrete), the safest plan may be to remove the tree. We are experienced with removing small trees and large ones, in a way that causes as little disruption your yard and surrounding soil as possible. We offer other services associated with tree removal, like stump grinding or removal.

Pest Treatment

Many types of pests can be found in Pennsylvania and Delaware that can be harmful to trees. The emerald ash borer has destroyed countless ash trees across the United States. An untreated infestation can cause you to lose your trees, if untreated. We are certified to diagnose and treat emerald ash borer and will advise you on your options if these beetles are found in your landscape.

Commercial and Municipal

Stein Tree Service provides all routine maintenance for commercial and municipal customers. In addition, we offer right-of way-clearing, facility and site landscape management plan development, and construction site management to help protect the trees on your property.

Emergency Tree Care

In our area, summer and winter storms can be hard on trees, particularly if they are unsound or if the canopies are too thick. We recommend regular inspections for problems, however, when trees fall onto your home or property, time is critical. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency tree removal. Our specialists are usually able to respond within two hours. In addition, Stein offers our innovative TreeFall program, which would save homeowners thousands of dollars in the event of storm damage.



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Tree Care Services Locations

Below are some of the areas we commonly work in as a local tree service company. If your area does not appear, but you are near one of those listed, chances are good that we work in your neighborhood too. Contact us for more information.

Call Stein for a Dependable, Fully Insured Tree Care Service Company Near You

We are licensed in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland and are the oldest independently-owned tree care service company in Delaware.  For a free consultation by a professional and dependable tree service company near you, contact us today.