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Tree Trimming and Pruning in West Chester, PA

Tree trimming and pruning of your West Chester trees is an important piece of your yard maintenance. It keeps them healthy, beautiful, and strong. But when you trim your trees, there is more to the process than simply cutting off branches with a pair of pruning shears. In fact, there are four different categorizations to trimming services:

  • Trimming or fine pruning is done to amend or neaten the tree’s look.
  • Standard pruning involves more cutting and improves the tree’s structure. Branches that rub against other branches or are growing in the wrong direction will be removed to prevent them from damaging the rest of the tree.
  • Care or menace pruning removes branches to reduce potential hazards. Low hanging branches, roots that threaten sidewalks, and branches that are too near power line are often among those removed.
  • Crown reduction is an involved pruning method, and often involves eliminating branches on the tops or sides of trees. This method helps keep the tree within its allotted space while allowing air and sunlight to reach the inner branches.

Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning in West Chester, PA

Many people are tempted to save a little money by trimming and pruning trees themselves. However, to ensure that your trees are properly, professionally, and safely cared for, enlist the services of trained certified arborists and tree care specialists for tree trimming and pruning in West Chester, PA. Stein Tree Service’s professionals are certified and insured, and in addition to being well-trained in the correct and safe way to prune trees, they will be able to spot potential problems that could seriously damage your tree and the surrounding landscape.

Some examples of tree problems that may be treated if caught in time are:

tree trimming and pruning West Chester PA - tall trees - 800Insect Infestation

Insect infestation can start small and then turn into a big problem quickly. One example is the emerald ash borer, a small metallic beetle that is attracted to ash trees. If their presence is caught early, treatment, such as systemic injections or even removal of affected limbs, could save a cherished tree. If left untreated, the tree could be unsaveable within 2 years.


Disease can begin in a part of your tree and spread to other areas, endangering the health and integrity of the entire tree. When professionals are performing tree trimming and pruning on your West Chester, PA trees, the bare branches will reveal any signs of disease, such as fungus or actual wounds.

Inadequate Nutrition or Water Distribution

A too-thick canopy is one reason that a tree might be missing out on nourishment, causing a tree to lose vitality. A professional knows just how to thin a canopy, removing the right branches to maintain an appealing look while allowing the remaining branches and trunk to function properly for the health of the tree.

Expert tree pruning and trimming services are important because if the the job is done incorrectly you can damage the tree, or injure yourself. Proper tools and equipment, as well as training can help you avoid potential accidents.

Trust Stein Tree Service for Skilled Tree Trimming and Pruning in West Chester, PA

Certified arborists and other professional tree care professionals will help you keep your yard beautiful and your trees healthy. Our staff cares about trees. We take pride in our reputation for exceptional work and will provide top quality tree trimming and pruning in West Chester, PA as well as many other tree care services. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!