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Tree Trimming and Pruning in Hockessin, DE: Check for Tree Health

Tree trimming and pruning in Hockessin, DE helps keep trees healthy. Trees offer shade in summer and are part of life-long memories. Playing hide-and-seek with your children in the yard is just one of many delightful activities. In order for you to enjoy the benefits, keep your trees healthy year-round with regular inspections and care by tree care professionals.

Checking Tree Health in Winter: Dormant or Dead?

tree removal or tree trimming and pruning is simpler and safer in with our spider lift - stein tree service 2019Trunk Health

Leaves are produced and shed each year. Bark grows in cycles as well, so each year you should find signs of new bark forming. If your tree is shedding bark without replacements, your tree may be dying. Unhealthy trees also show breaks along the bark. An unhealthy tree should be evaluated and nursed back to health or removed from the yard for safety reasons.

Branch Health

To discern whether a branch is alive, you can look at several factors: bark health, buds, and branch flexibility.

Bark: Healthy branch bark will seem plump and be firmly attached to the wood. Dead branches may have dehydrated-looking shriveled or discolored bark. Fungus on the bark is also an indication that the branch could be dead.

Buds: Leaf buds form on branches in the fall when leaves drop so they should be visible in winter. To find them, visually inspect the closest branches to the ground.

Flexibility: Bend a twig on the branch. Healthy branches are flexible whereas twigs that break or are hard to bend are most likely dead.

During tree trimming and pruning of your Hockessin, DE trees, dead branches are removed so that they cause no problems during future storms and so that the rest of the tree can receive the necessary nutrients and water. If symptoms indicate many dead branches, the tree may be in trouble and you want to call in a professional to see if the tree may be saved.

Tree Trimming and Pruning In Hockessin, DE

Care for your trees is important to you. Healthy trees remain intact in storms and provide an array of benefits, from shade to aesthetic appeal. The act of pruning takes more talent than simply wielding a saw, and should be done with care. Improper trimming and pruning may fatally damage a tree.

Contact Stein Tree Service for Vibrant Tree Health

Stein Tree Service provides experienced tree trimming and pruning in Hockessin, DE and surrounding communities in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Our certified arborists and other tree care professionals been caring for the trees of residents and businesses for nearly four decades. We care about trees and ensure your trees enjoy peak health year-round. Contact Stein Tree Service today for more information or a free consultation.