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ABCs of Tree Trimming and Pruning in Chester County, PA

Tree trimming and pruning in Chester CountyTree trimming and pruning in Chester County, PA requires knowledge in order to achieve the best results. Some view the task simply – get a chainsaw, choose and remove branches. But tree trimming can be dangerous. Hundreds of accidents each year are caused by tree trimming and pruning. Do-it-yourself projects can save money. But climbing trees with heavy equipment is best left to professionals who are licensed and insured.

Every occupation has a nomenclature and arboriculture is no exception. Below are some of the commonly-used terms so you may be familiar with the language.

Definitions for Tree Trimming and Pruning

The diameter of a tree measured about six inches above the ground.

Central Leader
The main trunk from which branches initially stem.

A type of tree which produces leaves in summer and sheds them in winter.

The state of a tree wherein no growth is taking place in the leaves or trunk, usually brought on by cold weather.

A tree that never sheds all its leaves (needles), such as a pine.

Permanent Branch
A tree branch stemming from the trunk or central leader.

Temporary Branch
Low branches that are usually removed.

The very end or tip of a branch.

Vertical Spacing
The distribution of central leaders along the trunk – how far apart they are vertically.

Wound Dressing
Often referred to as pruning paint, this material is made specifically for application to areas where the bark has been damaged or cut. The dressing is meant to promote healing and reduce the chance for disease, but many tree care professionals feel that wound dressing is unnecessary.

The Best Time for Tree Trimming and Pruning

Different tree species have different timetables. Some begin growth in early spring and others in early summer. A few types become dormant with the first cold snap, while others hold on longer. You need to know when a tree is dormant since the best time for pruning is when no growth is taking place. Late summer pruning could spur new growth that is unable to stand up to winter’s harsh weather. In the fall, trees are more prone to disease or insect infestation after pruning.

Call Stein Tree Service for Tree Trimming and Pruning in Chester County, PA

At Stein Tree Service, caring for trees is more than an occupation. Trees are our passion. And because of this passion, you can trust that we will give your trees the proper care. Contact us today for more information about tree trimming and pruning in Chester County, PA or to schedule a free consultation with one of our certified arborists!