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Keep Trees Beautiful and Healthy with Tree Trimming and Pruning in Greenville, DE

No doubt about it – trees add beauty to a home. Shade trees are especially nice, as they cool your home in summer, but still allow the sun to warm it in winter. A tire swing and tree house promote wholesome entertainment and everlasting memories. Trees inevitably add an overall higher quality to your life and tree trimming and pruning in Greenville, DE are essential parts of a tree’s health that should be performed properly.

Tree Trimming and Pruning 101: Why Trim and Prune?

tree removal and tree trimming and pruning is safer and simpler with a spider lift - stein tree serviceFor trees to remain healthy, they need attention. When branches grow too long or heavy, they may need to be shortened. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends pruning for three reasons; safety, tree health and aesthetic appeal.


Falling branches may harm members of your family or property. Storms tend to blow falling branches onto rooftops and occasionally cause serious damage to homes.

Plant Health

Removing diseased or dead branches promotes overall health. Tree trimming and pruning in Greenville, DE also encourages new growth and a stronger tree core.


Trees in the yard benefit the landscape of a yard. Well-manicured trees enjoy increased fruit and flower growth, while the overall shape is more appealing.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Maintenance Schedule

The Arbor Day Foundation advocates tree trimming and pruning each year, when they are dormant. However, special circumstances require removal of branches at other times of year, such as when:

  • Tree growth reduces visibility for street traffic.
  • Branches fall on power lines or threaten to do so. In these instances, please call your local power company. Removing debris around power lines is dangerous and requires experience.
  • Growth may endanger property, either by branches falling on a structure, or by growing into sidewalks or building foundations.

Professional or DIY Branch Removal?

OSHA advises safety when trimming and pruning in Greenville, DE. The best safety measure is to hire a licensed and insured tree care professional or certified arborist. Saving a few dollars on maintenance is counterproductive if you end up in the hospital or cause serious property damage. If a branch is low to the ground and is less than five centimeters, you may be able to proceed. But anything above your head really should be handled by an expert.

Call Stein Tree for Experienced Trimming and Pruning in Greenville, DE

Our tree care professionals are licensed and insured and are here to help bring the greatest potential to your landscaping. We have provided skilled tree trimming and pruning  for Greenville, DE residents and business owners for more than 33 years. Contact us today for a free consultation or to schedule service.