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Types of Tree Trimming and Pruning in Chadds Ford, PA

tree trimming and Pruning Chadds Ford PA- pruning-shears 800If you have overgrown trees or misshapen branches in your backyard, your first thought may be to grab your chainsaw, climb a ladder and get to work tree trimming and pruning in Chadds Ford, PA. But could you tell a dead or diseased tree from one that is merely neglected and overgrown? Would you know if termites were busy setting up their mounds in that old tree trunk? Unless you are a professional, chances are you would might miss these common – and potentially dangerous – problems.

Professional tree trimming and pruning experts in Chadds Ford, PA may make their jobs look easy, but there is a lot of technical detail and knowledge involved in what they do. By hiring a professional, you get to benefit from that expertise and know that the job will be done correctly and that if you have any underlying problems – like the aforementioned dead trees and lurking termites, the tree care expert will likely catch them. A tree that is damaged from pests or disease could come crashing down in the next storm, causing possible injury, thousands of dollars in damage and major inconvenience.

Types of Tree Trimming and Pruning in Chadds Ford, PA

Basic trimming and fine pruning can be used to change the way the tree looks- adapting its shape to be more attractive or altering its growth patterns to meet the needs of the homeowner. Standard pruning involves more cutting and is used to improve the overall tree structure.

The aptly named menace pruning is done to remove branches that could pose a safety risk to homeowners, visitors or the general public. A branch that is grown out over the road, for instance, could come down in a storm and endanger passing motorists. When that dangerous growth is noticed, the homeowner- or the township – may call a professional to have the potentially dangerous branch pruned away. This type of pruning is also known as care pruning.

Crown reduction is another form of pruning that involves removing the branches on the top or sides of the tree. This type is often done to stop trees from growing into power lines or obstructing nearby buildings.

No matter what type of tree trimming and pruning your Chadds Ford trees require, the best idea is to leave the work to the professionals. A professional tree trimming service will be able to assess the health of the trees on your property, make recommendations, and work efficiently and safely. Having your trees inspected now could prevent a disaster later.

Trust Stein Tree Service for Tree Trimming and Pruning in Chadds Ford, PA

The professionals at Stein Tree Service have been caring for trees for over 35 years. Our certified arborists provide expert tree trimming and pruning in Chadds Ford, PA and surrounding areas, as well as plant health care assessments, tree removal and right of way clearing. For information or a free consultation contact us today!