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Tree Trimming and Pruning in Glasgow, DE

Many residents prefer to work with a professional arborist rather than trim and prune their trees themselves. This is a good decision since tree trimming and pruning in Glasgow, DE, is complex work, requiring specialized equipment and experience to do the job correctly and safely. Many factors can influence the decision to go with professional tree care and maintenance services including knowledge, safety, and insurance.

Top Reasons to Get Professional Trimming and Pruning in Glasgow, DE

Below are 3 top reasons to have professional tree trimming and pruning services for your Glasgow, DE home.

Proper Tree Trimming Knowledge

One of the most important aspects to consider when trimming and pruning trees is the health of the trees. Pruning and trimming branches seems straightforward on the surface but requires extensive knowledge of arboriculture. For example, people often make a mistake when trimming trees and make cuts that damage the branch collar, the “shoulder” between the branch and trunk. Damaging the branch collar can make a tree weaker and negatively impacts the tree’s long-term health. This can extend to other issues that require precise cuts, such as diseased or infested branches.

In addition, the type of tree also matters when trimming branches or making pruning cuts. Each tree species has different times when trimming and pruning are ideal. For example, some tree species should be pruned in spring after flowering, while others should be pruned during fall. An arborist knows the trees within your area and, therefore, can advise you on the best times to trim and prune, as well as make the proper cuts to maintain your trees’ health.


Tree Trimming and Pruning in Glasgow | Stein Tree ServiceAnother primary reason to work with professional tree trimming and pruning in Glasgow, DE, is safety. Mature trees are large and can have thick branches, which can cause severe damage to people or property if they fall. Trees in tight areas close to structures require a significant amount of skill and the right tools to prune without damaging surrounding structures. In addition, trees can be tall, and trimming and pruning the branches near the canopy requires one to climb great heights, which puts them at risk of falling and injuring themselves. A tree specialist has years of training and experience in safety measures. In addition, a tree care company has the equipment needed to ensure nearby structures and people are safe during trimming.


Insurance is another primary reason homeowners and businesses should look for professional tree trimming and pruning services in Glasgow, DE. Tree trimming, and any tree work, carries a risk of injury. Inexperienced homeowners are more at risk. Working with an insured, certified arborist can help you avoid injury to yourself, while also offering financial protection to you and the tree care worker too. Licensed and fully insured tree service companies ensure that homeowners will have no financial liability in the event that someone is injured in the course of work on their properties, or in the event that damage to the property is caused by the tree care work. This benefit offers great peace of mind to homeowners looking for tree services.

Call Stein Tree Service for Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning in Glasgow, DE

The complexity and potential danger of tree trimming and pruning in Glasgow, DE, make hiring professional tree trimmers a sensible choice. Stein Tree Service has provided tree trimming services such as tree removal, right of way clearing, emergency tree removal, and more in Bear, Wilmington, and other nearby areas for nearly 40 years. Our team consists of certified, highly experienced, and passionate tree care specialists. Contact us today for more information regarding tree trimming and pruning in Glasgow, DE, or to request a free consultation.