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Construction Site Tree Management


Construction around trees is traumatic and often causes severe and irreversible damage to tree roots and trunks. Stein Tree Service construction tree management service is designed to protect and preserve trees impacted by construction.

Stein Tree Service’s Arborists are extensively trained in the technical elements of construction site tree management and held to a continuing education requirement.

Goals of Construction Site Tree Management

  • Accurately choose and define which trees are to be preserved
  • Account for growth and development patterns for trees and shrubs chosen for preservation
  • Secure adequate space during construction and for growth of the plant in future years
  • Prevent injury to the tree, especially its trunk and root system, throughout the construction project

Steps to Construction Site Tree Management

Planning & Design – Our arborist determines the trees or shrubs to preserve or remove; consider regulations, zoning ordinances and tree characteristics; communicate with the architects, planners, developers, and engineers. We consider project structure, size, shape, and location; consider change in grade, vehicle parking, drainage, material storage, fueling, and access routes.

Pre-construction – Our arborist oversees tree removals; performs preventative pruning; establish tree protection zones.

During Construction – We monitor construction site for tree injury and/or tree preservation zone encroachment; identify violations; maintain communication with contractor, developer and governmental representatives; maintain knowledge of site plan changes.

Post-construction – We remove tree protection zone barriers; perform tree inspections; monitor soil moisture, mulch levels, tree damages, and overall health of the trees.

Why Choose Stein Tree Service?

Our staff is the best in the business and has hundreds of years of combined experience. We have Certified Arborists, Certified Tree Risk Assessors, and a long history of crew and property safety.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and radio dispatched for immediate response. The company fleet consists of several aerial lift trucks, chippers, chipper trucks and stump grinding machines as well as various pieces of machinery for right of way work.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We have served thousands of customers throughout the Delaware Valley and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. The vast majority of our business comes to us via referrals from past customers.



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