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Plant Health Care in Malvern, PA

Stein Tree provides Plant Health Care (PHC) services to Malvern, PA residents to help protect their valuable trees, shrubs, and landscaping. Plant Health Care refers to a holistic program that seeks to ensure the health of Malvern, PA trees and yards. Proactive plant health care can help homeowners avoid future costs and hassles by focusing on keeping plants healthy.

What is Plant Health Care? 

Certified arborists are experts in tree care and they know that a tree’s health can be impacted heavily by its surroundings. In order to ensure the health of trees, arborists seek ways to make the whole landscape surrounding the trees healthy.

Every landscape has different needs, and every property owner has different objectives, so there is no standard PHC program. When a homeowner requests an assessment, however, some standard steps do apply.

Tree and Plant Assessment and Monitoring 

Monitoring tree and shrub health allows problems to be detected and managed before they become too serious. This monitoring may simply be annual visits to check on a few trees in your yard, or it may include quarterly or monthly inspections of all your trees and shrubs, or a one-time visit to get suggestions for ensuring the vitality of your landscape. The exact details of your yard’s plant health care depend on the size and scope of your landscape and your particular goals.

Solution Planning

If the arborist detects a problem during visits, he/she will identify solutions and work with the property owner to develop a solution. The solution can require regular actions like watering of trees or it may include more involved suggestions such as installation of drainage systems. Other solutions may require pruning or pesticide application. In all cases, the arborist will give information about the plant health and let the owners make decisions based on individual budgets and goals.

Decision Making

When problems exist and solutions are identified, the next step is deciding what is manageable from a homeowner’s point of view. Often decisions must be made as to what one can afford. For example, can you tolerate a disease or pest that only affects a plant cosmetically? Would you replace a perfectly healthy shrub to protect against a future problem? Do you invest in treatment if the chance of success is low?

Stein Tree Service’s Certified Arborists Provide Expert Plant Health Care for Malvern Landscapes

Stein Tree Service arborists are trained to find potential problems for your plants and trees. When you call us, we tailor our Plant Health Care advice to your goals and the needs of your property’s trees and shrubs. For a free consultation, call Stein Tree Service today!



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