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Ridley Park, PA Arborists and Plant Health Care Services

For more than 30 years, Stein Tree Service has provided quality Plant Health Care and tree services in the Ridley Park, PA and Delaware areas. The mission of our plant health care assessments is to develop sustainable environments for plants and trees. Our motto is that customers and trees come first.

As part of a Plant Health Care program designed to ensure optimal tree health, certified arborists will perform an overall plant health assessment on your trees and shrubs. They identify risks and raise concerns that they see in your landscape. The arborists are also skilled in developing plans that protect and nurture your landscape to make it sustainable for your trees and other plant life in the years to come.

Tree and Plant Health Concerns

Lack of Nutrients

Trees in the forests enjoy nutrient-rich soil due to a healthy ecosystem. In urban areas, plants and trees often lack essential nutrients. Since trees share the soil with other plants and the grass, they also share water and nutrient absorption.

Some of the common symptoms of plants and trees that lack nutrients are: thinning of the tree crowns, unnatural shedding of leaves, and loss of color or vibrancy in the leaves.

Adding fertilizers and composts are the most attractive solution for trees with a nutrient deficiency. Consult a local arborist in Ridley Park, PA if you see these symptoms. The arborist can perform a Plant Health Care assessment and devise a plan on how to intervene with any current plant health care problems.

Restricted Tree Roots

Tree roots expand as the tree grows. Even if a homeowner thinks they planted a tree far away from the road, the possibility of roots running into barriers that limit its growth is a common tree health concern.

Homeowners in Ridley Park, PA are advised to watch out for signs of overgrown roots and roots that are bursting out from the concrete. Contact your local arborist for guidance in preserving your tree if you see this problem.

Contact Stein Tree Service for Tree and Plant Health Care Concerns in Ridley Park, PA

Stein Tree Service has been assessing and caring for trees for 33 years. Our professional arborists in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania are dedicated to a sustainable environment for trees, so we nurture the surrounding plants as well. Call Stein Tree today at (610) 723-8056 to learn more about our plant health assessment and how to provide quality care for your plants and trees.



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