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Tree and Plant Health Care in Exton, PA

Tree and Plant Health Care has a significant impact on the appeal of homes in Exton, PA. Trees, a major part of landscapes, are especially critical to maintaining strong, sustainable and attractive yards. Although we think of plants and trees as natural, our neighborhoods can really be unnatural environments in which for them to grow.

An unnatural environment creates a situation that invites pests, which can lead to unhealthy trees and plants. Our  Certified arborists perform assessments upon request and look for problems with your trees and shrubs. We address current issues and advise you about how to best protect and nurture your landscape.

Tree and Plant Health Care Concerns

Tree health and plant health mutually impact each other. Many factors can affect your tree and plant health care, and the way you choose to treat problems for one could be harmful to the other.

Environmental Factors

Trees growing in our neighborhoods often become stressed due to many factors, from pollution to lack of nutrients, and pests often target stressed trees.

The three common causes of tree stress include:

  • Being planted in the wrong location
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Insufficient resources, such as sun and water

To combat the effects of stress, tree owners should treat pests and disease early. Owners should monitor conditions and provide the needed nutrients and resources.

Tree and Plant Pests

Tree monitoring is imperative for tree and plant health; a certified arborist can provide information on what signs to look for and remedies to apply if an infestation is present. Some pests can destroy trees, such as the Emerald Ash Borer, which targets ash trees, and some pests that infest trees can eventually damage homes as well.

Machine and Natural Damage

We all love a freshly mowed lawn, but lawn equipment can damage our trees. Lawn mowers, string cutters, mulchers and other tools can damage the tree trunks. Critters such as deer and rabbits seem friendly to us, but they can cause severe damage to shrubs and trees. Damage to lawn equipment or animals can interrupt a tree’s ability to spread water and nutrients.

Keep a close watch on your trees by inspecting regularly and address any injury quickly. Improve a tree’s natural resistance to fertilizer, mulch, and watering. Mix organic material into the mulch to aerate the soil.

A Stein Tree Certified Arborist Can Maintain your Tree and Plant Health

Performing these tasks regularly and especially with the guidance of a certified arborist improves your tree and plant health so that they thrive for years to come. The professional arborists at Stein Tree Service provide Plant Health Care Services in Exton and throughout Pennsylvania. Contact us today for a free consultation!



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