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Tree Removal in Newark, DE

Although trees provide numerous benefits to your property, sometimes tree removal in Newark, DE is necessary to avoid accidents and hazards. To know when and how to remove trees that pose a threat to your family or property, enlist the help of Certified Arborists or tree risk assessors.

Four Reasons for Tree Removal in Newark, DE

Tree Removal in Newark, DETrees provide shade, keep the air clean, hold soil in place, increase property value, and provide beauty. To decide whether to have your tree removed, you need to weigh the health of the tree and the risks the tree poses against these benefits. In Newark, DE, a certified arborist from Stein Tree Service can help ensure that your trees remain assets instead of liabilities.

1. Hazards and Interference

Dying and dead trees should be removed for safety, health, and aesthetic purposes. Healthy trees may also need to be removed if they interfere with your home, driveway, other trees, or utility lines. Mechanical equipment and guide ropes are needed to remove large limbs and fell large trees so utilizing a professional tree removal service is recommended.

2. Undesirable Species

Homeowners may choose to remove undesirable tree species in Delaware, such as the Tree-of-Heaven, Celery Pear, Bradford Pear, and female Ginkgo. Some undesirable characteristics of these trees include weak wood that is prone to breakage, heavy dropping of large amounts of debris, shallow roots that damage pavements and lawns, and prolific reseeding that causes some species to be particularly invasive.

3. Unhealthy Trees

If your tree is severely damaged, chances are good that the tree will need to be removed. Declining health in trees requires specialized care that can be costly if they can even be saved. An arborist can determine whether treatment could be effective and if the tree poses a danger. Some trees that have treatment and recover may still have abnormal or stunted growth and an unappealing appearance.

4. Damaged or Hollow Trunks

A Stein Tree Service Certified Arborist in Newark, DE, will inspect your trees’ trunks for vertical cracks, dead branch stubs, seams, rot, and wounds that suggest internal decay. If the level of degradation is high, the trunk strength is compromised, which makes the tree dangerous. Even though a tree with a hollow trunk may be able to stand for many years, the chances are greater that such a tree will break or fall.

Call Stein Tree Service for Experienced Tree Removal in Newark, DE

Tree removal in Newark, DE, is sometimes necessary to ensure the health of your landscape and the safety of your family. A dying branch or leaning tree can fall during storms or high winds. Stein Tree Service offers exceptional tree inspection, care, and removal services. Emergency tree removal services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Contact us today for a free consultation.