4 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

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Maintaining a landscape involves many tasks, and one that is important for several reasons is to remove a dead tree. Trees may die from many causes, including disease and injury. When they die, especially on homeowners’ properties, those trees can bring problems, including expenses if trees fall and cause harm.

Do You Really Have to Remove That Dead Tree?

Homeowners may choose to wait to act when a tree dies, but doing so could make things worse, especially if the tree is close to a dwelling. Below are three reasons why you should remove dead trees from your landscape.

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1. Dead Trees Are Dangerous

A significant reason to remove a dead tree from your yard is that dead trees are dangerous in numerous ways. The rotted wood and reduced strength mean that the tree branches are more likely to fall during strong winds or storms. Even without wind or storms, dead branches are more likely to fall at any given time, risking injury and damage to anyone nearby. In addition to the branches, the entire tree could fall, which can cause immense damage to your house, car or even a person. Removing dead trees keeps everything and everyone on your property safe.

2. Dead Trees Attract Pests

Pests are often found in dead trees. Dead trees are prime targets for all types of pests, such as termites and other wood-boring insects. In addition, animals, such as rats, may attempt to use dead trees as shelter. When a dead tree is diseased or becomes infested, all other plants and structures nearby could be affected. Removing these risks can help keep your remaining plants and trees healthy.

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3. Dead Trees Spread Disease

If a tree is diseased, the infection can spread while the tree is alive or after dying. Mold, fungus or disease can be spread to other healthy trees and cause them to lose vitality. Disease makes trees vulnerable to pests and less able to heal when injured. Having a professional tree service remove the tree and inspect the others is a good idea, because a professional can let you know if other trees have been impacted and need treatment.

4. Dead Trees Are Unattractive

A dead tree will make your landscape less attractive and reduce curb appeal. The dead or rotting wood of a dead tree can stick out in otherwise well-maintained and pleasant looking landscapes. Homeowners put time, work and money into ensuring that their landscapes are beautiful so they want their own homes, and neighboring homes to show that they are cared for. Some homeowner associations will even require that dead trees and plant life be removed to maintain the overall good impression to neighborhood visitors.

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