Advantages of Land Clearing and Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE

Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE - right of way clearing for utility line

Stein Tree Service performs residential as well as commercial brush clearing and tree removal in Wilmington, DE and surrounding areas. You may think that this type of service is only needed by developers when building new residences, however, the practice is beneficial for other reasons as well.

Three Benefits of Land Clearing

For residents and local businesses, some land clearing or tree removal can be necessary for safety and accessibility. Other reasons the service is often requested are:

Aesthetics and Space

While a property with many trees is appealing, brush and trees that grow too close together or in the wrong areas can detract from the value. Clearing out weeds, brush and removing select trees creates more usable property. Outdoor living spaces, gardens and even pools and spas can be added for a homeowner’s enjoyment when overgrown areas are cleared out.


Even if you decide to leave brushy areas on your property, they have to be maintained, especially in a community or city. This requires owning or renting special machines or equipment, like bush hogs, for periodically cutting back the growth. In addition, weedy areas tend to spread into other areas that are typically manicured for family or public foot traffic.

Safety and Health

Brushy or weedy areas are havens for snakes and rodents, as well as bigger animals like deer. These animals can cause hazards for drivers, as well as carry unwanted disease or insects to your clients, family members or pets. Clearing the areas and removing undesirable or unsound trees from around your dwelling or business offers a safer environment.

Stein Tree is a Trusted Name for Tree Care and Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE

Our staff of tree care experts has hundreds of years of combined experience. From ISA Certified Arborists to Certified Tree Risk Assessors, we have you covered! Stein Tree offers many other tree care services in addition to right of way clearing and tree removal in Wilmington, DE. Our emergency tree removal service is available 24/7 and we can respond to most areas within two hours. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today!