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Exciting New Addition to Stein’s Tree Care Equipment Inventory

By Stein Tree
Posted on December 7, 2018

At Stein, we are always working to improve our tree care techniques and processes. To that end, we recently purchased an advanced new mini lift that will allow us to more easily and safely perform tree pruning or tree removal.

The lift was designed for tree care, so while most mini lifts are designed for indoor use and use light duty mechanisms, our Arbor Pro is made with heavy duty components to withstand outdoor conditions.

Benefits of the New Arbor Pro Mini Lift

The new lift offers several benefits to our clients, as well as to our company.


Arbor Pro Mini Lift tree care tree trimming and pruning - Stein Tree Service

For clients, one of the most beneficial factors is that the compact size enables us to enter a 36 inch opening, so many gates will accommodate the lift without having to remove fence panels in the event we need to get into a back yard.


The mini lift has great maneuverability and versatility. The lift has two booms that can each telescope in and out and the lift can also move up or down 90 degrees. These factors, along with a rotating basket allow a person to move around the tree more freely to access branches at different levels and angles. With other, less flexible equipment, the truck or equipment might have to be moved around to allow access. The compact lift allows less compaction and impact on surrounding plant life.


Arbor Pro Mini Lift allows for easier and safer tree care - Stein Tree Service

The advanced functions of the compact lift make tree care easier, and therefore faster. In addition to the increased maneuverability, the lift has another advantage. The person in the basket has the ability to operate the lift while inside. So tree care specialists can move wherever they need to be without having to communicate with someone below who is operating the basket. Quicker performance of our tasks can result in less disruption of client’s activity.


When the lift is used for a tree care task, climbing can be avoided. The specialist can use the lift to reach up to 83 feet, rather than climb the trees, especially useful when a tree is vulnerable. If the tree is weak, this feature offers more safety to our tree care provider, and the tree will have no trauma from the added weight and climbing impacts. In addition, the lift allows us to work 20 feet below the grade, so if we are working on trees that overhang your neighbor’s property, we can avoid entering onto their property for tree removal or maintenance.

Call Stein for Professional State of the Art Tree Care Service

The lift may be more exciting to us than to our customers, but they certainly benefit as well. We are dedicated to providing excellent tree care to our Delaware and Pennsylvania businesses and residents. Having new and advanced equipment is part of that commitment. For a free consultation about your tree health or to schedule a service, contact us today!




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