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Is Winter Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE Possible?

By Stein Tree
Posted on January 4, 2018

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Winter is a great time to contact a professional tree care company like Stein Tree Service for tree removal in Wilmington, DE. Removal before or during winter is especially important to consider for diseased or dead trees as the last thing homeowners want is a bad winter storm knocking a problem tree and/or its branches down onto their homes, vehicles, or other property.

Of course, such property protection is only one reason that tree removal during winter is advisable. Consider the following reasons why winter is a great time to call Stein Tree Service for tree removal in Wilmington, DE:

Quiet season. The winter season is a slow season both for professional arborists and for your own family. During the short cold days of winter, your family, neighbors, and neighborhood pedestrians are likely to limit their time outdoors. Less foot and equipment traffic will mean less obstacles, making small and large tree removal can be done more quickly and with less interruption of daily activities.

Additionally, most trees, shrubs, and other flowering plants require reduced maintenance as they enter their dormant winter period. Therefore, professional tree services like ours have reduced responsibilities and can offer more competitive prices for tree removal.

Easier access and reduced property impact. Many new property owners assume that the frozen ground can make tree removal hard and near impossible, but quite the opposite is true. Frozen soil and grass actually create the perfect conditions for tree removal in Wilmington, DE. Such conditions make bringing heavier equipment onto a property easier, like cranes that may be necessary for older and larger tree removals i.e. oak species.

The frozen ground and dormant winter conditions also make the process easier for all other plant life on a property. When spring comes around, the soil and area around the removed tree will rebound and the grass and other plants will enjoy new growth without being negatively impacted by the tree removal process.

Contact Stein Tree Service to Learn More about Winter Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE

Do you have a tree that you are worried about? Contact our skilled certified arborists and tree care specialists at Stein Tree Service for a free inspection. Our skilled team will professionally assess the situation and help you determine whether winter tree removal in Wilmington, DE is necessary.




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