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Benefits of Commercial and Municipal Tree Trimming and Pruning

By Stein Tree
Posted on July 16, 2018

Although trees are beautiful, provide shade, oxygen and homes for wildlife, they can pose problems without proper maintenance. This is true on residential properties as well as commercial or municipal properties. Proper tree trimming and pruning is essential for several reasons.

4 Reasons to Have Regular Tree Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance can save you as a resident, business owner, or government official a great deal of hassle and expense. Stein Tree Service offers 4 reasons that commercial and municipal tree trimming and pruning is important.

Liability for Personal Injury

If you own a home, you are responsible for maintaining the property to keep the home, residents, neighbors and even passersby safe from injury. With commercial and municipal properties – by municipal we mean government-owned properties, which could include buildings, sidewalks, ballfields, etc.- the same principle holds. However, more people will come onto the property, therefore you have more risk of liability if a dead branch falls from a tree onto a person below. To minimize this liability, choose a reputable tree trimming and pruning company, and keep records of the dates of regular tree maintenance. This way you have less chance of someone getting hurt, and less chance of being financially liable in the unfortunate event that someone is injured.

Protection of Nearby Homes and Businesses

Bodily injury is the worst thing that could come of poorly maintained trees on a property. However, damage to structures from falling branches, or trees, can be very costly. Protect the nearby homes and commercial buildings from damage and reduce the risk that you could be held responsible for repairs or replacement.


To give people the best impression of your company, you want to make sure the first thing they see, your landscape and entranceway, is pristinely maintained. Keeping trees pruned, sidewalks cleaned and the exterior walls power washed when necessary, is the biggest part of a great first impression. Governments need to keep the municipal areas looking great to protect a town’s or city’s reputation as a nice place to live. Regular tree trimming and pruning makes a business façade or a town’s Main Street look well-cared for.

Easy Access for Repairs

When you need repairs performed on your property, whether for a structural, an electrical or a water issue, you want repairmen to have easy access. First because you want the issue to be corrected as quickly as possible, and second, the repair company could charge more if the job is a hassle or takes longer for those types of factors.

On a larger scale, right of way clearing allows clear access to road crews that need to clear streets during winter storms and electrical crews that need to get power back on after an outage. Proper maintenance can reduce the number and severity of power outages as well, by making sure that tree branches are trimmed away from power lines and that damaged limbs are removed before they cause a hazard.

Stein Tree Performs Residential, Commercial and Municipal Tree Trimming and Pruning

Whether you need the entrance to your home or business cleaned up, or you need extensive right of way clearing, Stein Tree has the expertise and the equipment necessary to meet your needs. For more information about commercial and municipal tree trimming and pruning or other services, or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.




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