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Does a Tree Die When Struck by Lightning?

By Stein Tree
Posted on June 15, 2018

As many trees are the tallest structures in a landscape, they naturally become targets for lightning to strike. While not all trees are equally susceptible to lightning, vulnerable trees are everywhere— they populate our yards and line our streets. Lightning poses risks to the trees, as well as to surrounding property and buildings. Stein offers a look at some preventive measures and post-damage assessments which can be conducted to care for your trees and ensure the safety of the community.

3 Tips for Homeowners Worried About Trees Being Struck by Lightning

So, does a tree die when struck by lightning? Sometimes, but if the damage is minimal or only occurs to a small portion of the tree, saving the tree could be possible with the right care. Stein offers tips on prevention and care of trees that have already been struck by lightning.

Professional Inspection

Even before a lightning strike occurs, you may want to consider a consultation with a professional tree service company. Depending on how vulnerable your trees are to lightning, a professional may suggest a lightning protection system, which reduces the risk of damage from a strike. As lightning poses risks to nearby buildings as well as individual trees, these lightning protection systems minimize the risk of a side-flash to adjacent structures. A tree care specialist from Stein Tree can inspect your tree to determine whether or not one of these systems should be implemented.

Pruning and Water Maintenance

tree care - lightning damaged-tree-Stein Tree Service

For less dire situations, a professional may simply suggest water management and other forms of maintenance to monitor your trees. While water levels can be adjusted at any time according to rainfall, pruning may be recommended only after waiting post-lighting strike to see whether the tree can recover from the stress. If the tree is healthy enough and removal unnecessary, a professional may suggest pruning out damaged wood and branches. Both pruning and additional watering are critical to supply needed care to your trees.

Tree Removal

In situations where a tree is irreversibly damaged and posing an imminent risk to surrounding structures, tree removal is actually necessary. In situations such as these, you will want a professional to safely remove the structurally degraded tree. Consulting with a professional tree care company before inclement weather strikes vastly reduces the future possibility of tree removal, as problems can be spotted and systems can be implemented beforehand.

Stein Tree Offers Tree Inspection for Vulnerable Trees

Lightning damage is better prevented than repaired. A professional tree care company can employ various tree risk assessors to determine what your trees need. Don’t wait for a  tree to be struck by lightning which will compromise your tree’s functional and structural stability— contact Stein Tree for a free consultation today!




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