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Certified Arborist in Wilmington, DE: What Trees Do for Us!

By Stein Tree
Posted on May 5, 2017

As Certified Arborists in Wilmington, DE, we know that trees offer benefits well beyond the aesthetics they bring to our properties. In recognition of the recently celebrated Arbor Day, Stein Tree Service wants to share our passion for trees! We have compiled a list of some of the best reasons to plant and care for trees on your Wilmington, DE property.

Care for the Climate

Excess carbon dioxide builds up in our atmosphere, contributing to climate change. As your trees grow and mature, they remove and store this carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen back into the environment. In just a year, one acre of mature trees can absorb enough carbon dioxide equivalent to the amount produced from driving your car 26,000 miles.

Increase Property Value

A Certified Arborist in Wilmington, DE can help you determine a well-thought-out landscape for your property that adds aesthetic appeal and can raise your property value by as much as 15%! Should you ever decide to sell your home, the trees on your property can help make your home stand out in a crowded market, bringing higher offers from potential buyers.

Habitat for Wildlife

Trees and forested areas play a vital role in providing essential habitats for wildlife. Sycamore and Oak trees are perfect examples of urban homes for wildlife, including birds, bees, possums, and squirrels.

Improved Community

According to a 2012 study, Baltimore increased their tree canopy by 10% which was shown to correspond to a 12% crime decrease. In addition, the University of Washington conducted a study that shows less graffiti, littering, and vandalism in areas with trees in natural landscapes when compared to plant-less spaces.

Healing in Nature

Some studies have shown that patients with a view of trees in outdoor spaces experience shorter healing times with fewer complications. Additionally, children diagnosed with ADHD exhibit fewer symptoms when exposed to trees and natural landscaping—the environment helps concentration and reduces mental fatigue.

Lower Energy Consumption

Carefully placed trees around buildings and structures can reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems, helping you to save as much as 25% in energy consumption throughout the year. With just 3 well-placed trees, your home could see up to $250 in utility bill savings!
Trees have many benefits beyond these, but most of us just like to enjoy the environment provided by these green, growing giants. Stein Tree will help you plan and care for a tree filled landscape!

Call Stein Tree’s Certified Arborist in Wilmington, DE for Skilled Tree Care

Stein Tree Service is passionate about trees! Our skilled tree care specialists and Certified Arborists in Wilmington, DE and nearby areas will help you maintain the health and beauty of the trees in your landscape. Contact us for a free consultation about tree health, damaged tree removal, or pest concerns such as the emerald ash borer.




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