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Emergency Tree Removal Service in Wilmington

By Stein Tree
Posted on December 19, 2016
emergency tree removal Wilmington DE tree that has fallen across a street

Tree-related emergencies can happen at almost any time – all that is required is a sufficiently powerful wind storm, or an unlucky lightning strike. Or a weakened branch could simply crack one day and come crashing down.

However the emergency happens, a downed tree or major fallen branch can be a serious problem that requires immediate attention.  Should the situation ever befall you, we have a quick guide on how to most quickly resolve the situation.

What to Do When You Need Emergency Tree Removal Service in Wilmington

Assess the damage

How much damage has been done by the branch or tree? Has the tree fallen on anything important, or simply lying on open ground? In the event that only a branch has fallen, has it fully detached from the trunk, or is it still connected?  

In best-case scenarios, nothing vital has been hit by the branch, and the branch is lying in an easily-accessible place. In such cases, you may be able to deal with the removal yourself, if you have access to a truck.  For any more serious situations, trying to handle the job personally or with friends/neighbors is a dangerous idea.

If the branch or tree has fallen in such a way that public access to sidewalks or the street is blocked, you will need to deal with the situation ASAP as you may be liable for any problems others experience.

In case of damage, contact your insurance company

In most cases, your first call should be to your insurance company, to discuss your policy and how much of the cleanup costs they will cover. However, be warned – in most cases, the insurance will only cover the structure and removal of the part of a tree that has fallen on the structure; additional clean-up costs will probably be out-of-pocket.

Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service in Wilmington with Certified Arborists

Dealing with a large fallen tree or branches should be left to the professionals. You need certified Arborists who have the skills and the equipment to do the job quickly and with minimum damage to your property. A certified arborist will also be best-suited to judge the damage to the tree(s), if still standing, and offer advice on nursing them back to health. Check with the tree service to learn how/if debris will be removed, and give any special removal requests or instructions in advance if applicable.

Have Several Trees on Your Property?  Call Stein Tree Service for Cleanup “Insurance”

The licensed Arborists at Stein Tree Service offer special annual discounted programs for TreeFall and emergency cleanup. A relatively low annual price for either five or ten hours of emergency tree removal service in Wilmington can save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses if disaster strikes. We will arrive within two hours of your call. Contact us today to discuss your options for fast, affordable help with tree emergencies.




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