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What is the Difference between Pruning and Trimming Shrubs in Wilmington?

By Stein Tree
Posted on November 4, 2016
Trimming Shrubs in Wilmington

Often, the terms pruning and trimming are used interchangeably by homeowners to indicate the removal of unwanted foliage from their trees, bushes, and shrubs. However, these two terms mean different things to horticultural experts, such as the professional and certified arborists at Stein Tree Service. Knowing the difference between pruning and trimming shrubs in Wilmington can have a huge impact on the overall health and appearance of your landscaping. 

Trimming Shrubs in Wilmington

Trimming is often used to improve the visual appeal of the tree, bush, or shrub. Performed after the plant’s blooming cycle, trimming allows the plant to divert nutrients to other places to promote additional lush growth, fuller foliage, and vibrant blooms.

Pruning Trees in Wilmington

Unlike trimming, pruning focuses on the health of the tree, shrub, or bush. Landscapers often prune to remove overgrowth, dead branches, insect infestations, fungi infections and other diseases. The removal of damaged limbs – such as those broken during strong winds, ice build up, or lighting strikes – is another reason to prune. 

How Pruning and Trimming Affect Your Landscape

Though trimming and pruning both have the similar goal of improving the look and health of your garden, some differences can negatively affect your landscape if done improperly, particularly regarding timing and extent. Even the type of plant in question can determine which practice is best throughout the year. To figure out which is best for your property, consult a professional tree service, such as Stein Tree Service.

Why Trimming and Pruning is Important

While improving the physical appearance of the plants, either through mindful trimming or diligent pruning, is an important reason for homeowners to adopt the practice, trimming/pruning is also very important to the health of the plants and safety of your property. Pruning removes the dead, dying, infected branches to prevent the spread of illness and pests. Pruning also reduces the risks of the tree or its branches falling on buildings, vehicles, and people. 

When in Doubt, Call the Professionals

Knowing when and how to go about pruning or trimming shrubs in Wilmington can be complicated because of unique growing cycles, growth patterns, and susceptibility to illness. A certified arborist should be contacted to evaluate your trees and provide expert advice on the best care methods for your landscaping. Large trees should only be handled by qualified arborists due to the dangers they can pose if improperly pruned. 

Trust the Certified Arborists at Stein Tree for your Tree Trimming and Pruning Needs

Stein Tree Service has dedicated itself to providing the Wilmington and surrounding areas with professional tree care services for over 30 years. For more information or to request a free consultation, contact Stein Tree Service today!




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