When Is the Best Time for Trimming Shrubs in Wilmington DE?


Trimming Shrubs in WilmingtonLandscaping maintenance, such as trimming shrubs in Wilmington, is important for curb appeal, and also for the health of your trees, shrubs, and other plants. The timing of pruning or trimming in particular, can mean the difference between an explosion of beautiful foliage or the loss of a beloved tree.

Some Guidelines for Successfully Trimming Shrubs and Trees

Avoid Trimming Shrubs and Trees when they are Vulnerable

The exact timing for pruning depends a great deal on the desired outcome. However, unless you notice damage on the tree or shrub, pruning should be avoided in the fall, during droughts, and at the coldest part of winter. Trimming shrubs in Wilmington during these times opens the shrub or tree to infection by fungal spores, or disease. 

Prune during Dormancy for the Best New Growth

Generally, late winter to early spring is the best time to trim or prune, allowing for the greatest burst of new growth. Plants, which are dormant in the winter, will have greater reserves to nurture more vibrant and lush growth. The type of plant in question will also play a large part in deciding the best time for maintenance. 

Encourage Vibrant Blooms on Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Homeowners plant flowering trees and shrubs to enjoy the beautiful blooms, sweet scents, and wildlife drawn to the plants. Pruning can enhance these flowers by encouraging new blooms, and the timing depends on when the plant flowers. Those that bloom in the early spring should be pruned after their flowers fade. Summer bloomers are best trimmed in late winter to early spring.

Control Growth by Trimming in the Summer

Summer trimming slows the growth of the plant by limiting the plant’s access to sun and nutrients. When done after the growth cycle, trimming shrubs in Wilmington stunts the tree or shrub. A few reasons homeowners decide to prune in the summer include:

  • Control the growth to balance foliage lushness.
  • Reduce development to maintain smaller trees or shrubs.
  • Remove branches that are damaged, dead, or otherwise hindering the plant.
  • Remove branches that buckle under the weight of the leaves.

Call Stein Tree Service for Expert Help Trimming Shrubs and Trees

Plants are delicate and improper trimming and pruning can leave the plant disfigured, open to disease, or can even kill the plant. Knowing the best ways and times is important to maintain the beauty of the landscape. Before you attempt trimming shrubs in Wilmington, you should learn about the best methods for particular plants, or contact a professional tree service provider.

To learn more about trimming or pruning plants in the Delaware, Maryland, or Pennsylvania areas, please contact the experts at Stein Tree Service today.