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Prevent the Need for Emergency Tree Removal Service in Wilmington This Winter

By Stein Tree
Posted on October 19, 2016
Emergency Tree Removal Service in Wilmington; A tree has fallen onto a house, crushing part of the roof

As fall works its way toward winter, homeowners need to turn their attention to winterizing their homes and property to prevent damage. However, homeowners often overlook the condition of their trees, which can result in costly damages to homes, vehicles, and personal property, as well as the cost of hiring an emergency tree removal service in Wilmington. 


Reduce the Risk of Storm Damage

Prevention is Important

Winter storms are a leading cause of downed trees and limbs. Ice builds up on weakened branches, soil erodes under dry rotted roots, and strong winds knock down even thick set trunks. When tree limbs tear or fall completely, they can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage, and can even cause personal injuries to loved ones. Prevention is key in reducing these risks, and should be completed along with other winter preparations. 

Incorporate Tree Health into Winter Preparations

Ensuring the home and property are safe from winter storm damages caused by trees and their branches is an important step for all property owners. To make sure your property is safe, incorporate inspecting your trees into your winter preparation ritual. In the event your property has very large trees, an experienced arborist, such as those at Stein Tree Service, should be contacted to safely perform the inspections.

What Homeowners Should Look For

While homeowners should contact a Certified Arborist to inspect larger trees, homeowners can perform basic inspections. When surveying your property, here is what you should look for to prevent the need for emergency tree removal service in Wilmington:

  • Damaged trunks or large limbs, such as those affected by past storms.
  • Signs of decay, such as hollow trunks, increased insect activity, and fungal growth.
  • Trees that lean drastically or look as if they are growing lopsidedly. 
  • Branches that overhang roofs, sheds, and vehicle parking areas.
  • Branches that contact or overhang power lines.
  • Trees with V-shaped forks.

Contact the Experts at Stein Tree Service

Basic maintenance, such as pruning, may be done by the homeowner. For more complicated large scale tasks, or in the event of a possible infestation, homeowners and business owners should contact the experts. Experienced arborists and tree risk assessors can inspect the trees in question, and safely address the problems.

While prevention is key to avoiding costly emergency tree removal services in Wilmington, accidents happen. Having a plan in place, such as the TreeFall Program at Stein Tree Service, can reduce unexpected expenses and stress.

Since 1983, Stein Tree Service has helped homeowners and businesses in the Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania areas with trimming shrubs and trees, evaluating tree health and removing unwanted tree stumps. To learn more about how to prevent winter storm damages caused by trees, please contact the professionals at Stein Tree Service.




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