Five Reasons to Consider a Tree Stump Removal Service in Wilmington


Tree Stump Removal Service in WilmingtonTree stumps are an inevitable part of owning property with trees. After a tree is downed, homeowners often decide to leave the stumps in the ground, either to reduce tree removal costs, or to avoid clean-up efforts. However, doing so can actually end up costing you more in landscaping and home maintenance, so having a Wilmington tree stump removal service remove the problem is a smart move.

Five Potential Problems Tree Stumps can Cause

Safety Hazards

Making sure the home and surrounding areas are free from safety issues should be high on any property owner’s priority list. As innocent as low cut stumps may appear, stumps can actually create hazards for both adults and children because stumps are easily hidden behind shrubs and grass.  This factor can lead to tripping or can create issues when mowing occurs.

Reduced Curb Appeal

Unless stumps are artfully crafted into yard art by a highly talented and experienced wood carver, leftover stumps can reduce a home’s curb appeal, which could potentially affect the sale price of the property. Using a tree stump removal service in Wilmington, however, can transform the unsightly stump into a blank landscaping canvas suitable for giving the property a makeover, and actually increase the curb appeal.  

Insect Infestation

Tree stumps are ideal locations for many harmful pests. Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects quickly move into the rotting stumps. Insects play a major role in decomposing and are vital to a healthy ecosystem; however, insects can spread into the surrounding trees and buildings, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage. Removing the stump reduces these pests and the risk to the home.

Sapling Growth from the Stump

Particularly important when the tree was removed due to space or drainage issues, when left in the yard, stumps may grow new saplings. New growth, while slow and steady, will eventually lead to the same circumstances that led to the initial removal. Removing the stump minimizes the risks of a new tree causing the same problems.

Difficult Landscaping Upkeep 

Stumps create unique maintenance and landscaping challenges. Mowing and weed control can become difficult, especially for large and oddly shaped stumps. Simple upkeep can also take a lot longer than if the stump was removed, potentially causing property owners to allow the landscape around the stump to become overgrown, and creating a safety hazard.

Stein Tree Service Can Help

An experienced tree stump removal service in Wilmington, such as Stein Tree Service, can reduce these risks and help you beautify your yard. For more information or to request a consultation, please contact the experts at Stein Tree Service today.