Stein Tree Service Announces That Their TreeFall Program Can Save Homeowners Thousands on Emergency Tree Removal Service in Wilmington


Stein Tree Service has announced that their new TreeFall Program, which is available in two service levels, can save homeowners both stress and money on emergency tree removal service in Wilmington.

Emergency Tree Removal Service in WilmingtonWilmington, DE – October, 2016 – Stein Tree Service has announced new TreeFall Programs designed to help homeowners save potentially thousands on emergency tree removal service in Wilmington this winter. Available in two levels, the TreeFall Program reduces out of pocket expenses for storm damage clean up that homeowners’ insurance is unwilling to cover.

Insurance, depending on each individual policy, often only covers the removal of a tree that has hit a home. Additional damage, clean up, and downed trees then become the responsibility of the homeowner, which can cost thousands depending on the severity of the damage. Stein Tree Service has designed their TreeFall Program to reduce these costs, and bring peace of mind to their customers. 

The TreeFall Programs at Stein Tree Service include two levels; level one provides up to five hours of storm clean up, and level two provides up to ten hours. Each level offers homeowners drastically low annual prices compared to the hourly rate of emergency tree removal service in Wilmington, potentially saving thousands, and includes:

  • Removal of the portion of the downed tree that homeowners’ insurance disallows.
  • Removal of additional downed trees that fell without hitting a structure, or that hit a non-insured structure.
  • Debris removal and storm clean up.

Those interested in learning more about the TreeFall Programs, or who would like to request a consultation, are encouraged to contact Stein Tree Service directly.

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Stein Tree Service began as a one-man company in 1983, and over the years has grown to include industry experts, including ISA Certified Arborists. Stein Tree Service proudly works within Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania to provide individuals, businesses, and municipalities with expert tree service and storm clean up.


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