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Stein Tree Lift Truck - Tree Trimming in Talleyville DE

FAQs About Tree Removal in Cristiana Delaware

We hear a lot of questions about tree removal in Cristiana Delaware and surrounding neighborhoods. Below we discuss 3 of the most common.

Do I Have to Hire a Professional Tree Removal Company?

Tree removal is one of the most dangerous tree care activities, especially when the tree to be removed is a large one. Our experienced tree care professionals know how to fell the tree without damaging your property. If we must use heavy equipment, we will help ensure that surrounding trees and plant life remain unharmed by soil compaction.

Will Insurance Pay for Hazardous Tree Removal?

Most homeowners insurance companies are unwilling to pay for tree removal in Cristiana Delaware, unless the tree has fallen and caused damage. For this reason, we always recommend that if a homeowner has a tree that has died, or is obviously unstable, they should have it removed. Tree removal can be expensive, especially large trees, but the cost of removal after a tree has fallen, and the damage that follows can be even more. And insurance companies will likely only cover part of those costs. In addition, if a tree falls, a passerby could be injured.

Do I Have to Have a Tree Removed if I Have an Insect Infestation?

The answer depends on various factors, the main one being how much damage has already occurred. Emerald ash borer, for example, causes a lot of damage and can cause a tree to die. If the infestation is found early enough, however, the tree can be treated and saved. An inspection is recommended by an arborist to determine whether the tree can thrive again or if tree removal is necessary.

Spider Lift Being Used to Remove Tall Tree near power lines | Stein Tree Service

Contact Stein Tree Service for Professional Tree Removal in Cristiana Delaware

Stein Tree Service is the oldest independently owned tree care service in Delaware and we have been providing services locally for over 35 years. Much of our business comes through word of mouth, and we take pride in knowing our customers are happy with our services. If you have further questions, please contact us or browse our website.

In addition to tree removal, we perform many other residential and commercial tree care services including:

Our tree care specialists are committed to providing exceptional tree care services such as tree removal in Cristiana Delaware. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Why Choose Stein?


Our staff is the best in the business and has hundreds of years of combined experience. Our professional tree service company has ISA Certified Arborists, Registered Consulting Arborists, Certified Tree Risk Assessors, Licensed Foresters, Certified Professional Horticulturalists, Registered Tree Experts and Certified Applicators.


Our equipment is state-of-the-art and radio dispatched for immediate response. The company fleet consists of several aerial lift trucks, chippers, chipper trucks, and stump grinding machines as well as various pieces of machinery for right of way work.


Our reputation speaks for itself. We have served thousands of customers throughout the Delaware Valley and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. The vast majority of our business comes to us via referrals from past customers.

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