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Hire a Certified Arborist in West Chester to Safely Remove Dead Trees

By Stein Tree
Posted on February 10, 2017

At some point, many business and homeowners will likely be faced with dead or diseased trees threatening their property. Safely removing these trees is important to protect the surrounding environment, buildings, and visitors. A certified arborist in West Chester, such as those at Stein Tree Service, will have extensive experience evaluating trees for viability and safe removal.

Tree Removal Can Be Dangerous

Removing a tree, particularly large ones that are still standing, can be very dangerous. Safely removing a tree takes a great deal of experience, training, specialized equipment, and important safety measures. Certified arborists have the background and resources to safely remove dead trees without causing additional damage to the surrounding property.

Decide What to do With the Wood

Depending on personal circumstance, type of tree, condition of the wood, and the tree removal service policies, homeowners have several options regarding what to do with the leftover wood. Some services will dispose of the tree in question for additional fees. You may also sell quality wood to local craftsmen or lumber yards. 

Call 811

811 is the national hotline number to request that utility providers mark the location of underground lines on your property. Marking underground lines is an important safety measure that protects workers and other individuals on your property, while also helping you avoid service interruptions from damaged wiring. Knowing the location of underground lines is particularly important when having stumps removed as well.

Stump Removal Options

Stump removal is often an additional service, one that is important for the safety and beauty of your landscape. Tree stumps are both blemishes and trip hazards, and make maintenance difficult. Homeowners have a few options regarding their stumps. Grinding the stump is one method, which reduces the wood into sawdust. The sawdust can then be back-filled into the remaining hole, used for mulch elsewhere on the property, or removed altogether. Smaller stumps may be dug out by hand, depending on the tree removal service company’s policy. 

Debris Removal and Yard Clean Up

Removing dead trees and tree stumps can create a mess with branches, saw dust, and other debris. When considering a certified arborist in West Chester, homeowners need to be aware of their debris removal policy. An additional fee may be needed to have the tree service remove debris. Stein Tree Service, however, makes every effort to leave a clean area.

Call a Stein Tree Service Certified Arborist for your West Chester Tree Removal Project

Stein Tree Services Certified Arborists have been serving customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland for over 33 years. For more information about removing dead trees from your property, or to request a free consultation with a Certified Arborist in West Chester, contact the professionals at Stein Tree Service today.




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