How to Find the Best Emergency Tree Removal Service in West Chester

13th February

Strong storms, heavy snows, unrelenting winds, and tree sickness or infestation can lead to fallen branches, downed trees and the need for an emergency tree removal service in West Chester. Often, the stress causes homeowners to contact the first service they find. However, taking the time to get to know your removal service can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. Here is how to find the best service for you.

Ask if They are Available When You Need Them

Emergencies tend to happen at the least convenient times. Homeowners may wake in the middle of the night to a resounding crash as a tree gives out under the onslaught of a raging storm. A reliable emergency tree service in West Chester will have 24-hour emergency assistance. 

At Stein Tree Service, for example, they offer 24-hour assistance, and have a TreeFall package, which allows homeowners and business to be proactive regarding storm damages. 

Find Out if the Tree Service is Insured?

Finding out if a potential emergency tree removal service in West Chester is insured is one of the most important things a homeowner should do. Without this protection, if something should happen while the service is on the property, the owner of the property would be liable for injuries. Since tree removal can be dangerous, particularly if the arborist has to work around damaged buildings or other trees, homeowners should insist that any service they hire is insured. 

Get A Quote in Writing 

In an emergency, homeowners may be tempted to avoid shopping around, however, doing so can cost a lot of money in hidden and additional fees. You should aim for at least three quotes and pay attention to the fine print, as some companies may tack on additional fees without consent. Likewise, you may want to invest in TreeFall packages, such as the ones at Stein Tree Service, which allow you to prepay for potential storm damages and clean up. This service is particularly valuable in areas that frequently get wind storms or heavy snow.

Request Referrals

Except in the most extreme circumstances, homeowners should be able to request and follow up on referrals before signing any work agreement. Ensuring you hire a reputable company can save you a lot of stress, money, and leftover mess. Even if time is limited, an online search will often reveal the company’s reputation for reliability, value, and service. 

Stein Tree Service Offers Reliable Emergency Tree Removal Service in West Chester, PA

To learn more about what to expect from a reputable emergency tree removal service in West Chester, or to request a free quote, please contact the team at Stein Tree Service today. Since 1983 the certified arborists at Stein Tree Service have proudly helped businesses and homeowners in West Chester and surrounding areas.