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Tree Trimming and Pruning in Wilmington, DE: Prepare for Windstorms

By Stein Tree
Posted on March 3, 2017
Tree Fallen Across Road - emergency tree removal services

In Delaware and Pennsylvania, windstorms are common, and they can break or uproot trees. Proper tree trimming and pruning in Wilmington, Delaware can reduce the wind pull on trees, allowing them to survive in a strong storm. Certified arborists and tree care assessors can evaluate the trees in your yard and determine which branches should be removed to reduce risk while allowing the tree to retain its shape and beauty.

How Can a Certified Arborist Help Protect Your Trees from Wind Damage?

Homeowners can do some things on their own to protect trees in their yards, but some activities are best handled by experienced tree professionals.
Strong trees start at planting. Use proper planting techniques and ensure proper fertilization and watering. Trees should be pruned as necessary to remove dead limbs, but otherwise, they should be allowed to grow accustomed to the local weather and wind. Permitting this growth will make the tree stronger, barring extremely strong and abnormal occurrences, because the tree will begin to compensate for environmental factors like windy climates.

What Should You Do After a Storm?

Assess the Damage

If a strong storm with wind does occur, follow up with inspection of your trees to assess damage. Be careful to avoid dangerously hanging limbs or branches touching power lines. If you find visible damage, consult with a professional do an assessment. A skilled tree care specialist will know which trees need trimming and pruning to remain healthy, and which ones might need to be removed for the safety of your property and family.

Clean up Debris

Twigs, branches and other debris could be left in your yard after a storm. Clearing away this manageable debris will allow better assessment of your landscape’s damage. Removing the debris can also aid in healing of the yard’s remaining plant life.

Schedule Clean Up or Removal Services

In the worst of circumstance, you may have a tree that has fallen into a structure or power lines. Other trees may be determined by your tree care professional to be dangerously damaged. In either case, you should schedule tree removal as soon as possible to avoid additional property or personal damage.

Call Stein for Tree Trimming and Pruning or Tree Removal Services in Wilmington, DE

Tree trimming and pruning in your Wilmington, DE yard may prevent storm damage, but when damage does occur you need skilled and reputable tree removal professionals. Stein Tree Service has been providing tree care services in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and for over 33 years. Contact us today for services or a free consultation.




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