Prepare your Trees, but Have a Plan for Emergency Tree Removal Services in Wilmington, DE


Wilmington and its neighboring towns thrive in areas that were once part of large wooded tracts. Towering oaks, beautiful maples, and bright-leafed hickory trees all border the suburban outskirts and many homeowners continue to care for ancient specimens along with their new transplants. However, an 80-year old oak, while beautiful to behold on your property, can pose a serious risk to person and property.

Diseased trees and storm-damaged limbs cause millions of dollars in property damage every year as well as causing massive inconveniences like downed power and phone lines. Intense winter nor’easters often sweep through the entirety of our state with heavy rains loosening up soil and high wind gusts toppling whole trees and their root systems along with breaking limbs. Thankfully, as the weatherman is often quick to caution, while you are unable to control the weather, you can prepare for things like possible emergency tree removal in Wilmington, DE.

If you do your research in advance and explore tree removal service company options, you will be ready to move quickly in case damage occurs. Stein Tree Service is fully insured, very experienced and available 24/7 for emergency services.

Preparing Your Property & Preventing Storm Damages

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Contact a professional arborist to survey the trees on your property or do a quick visual inspection yourself and look for issues like:

  • Large cracks in either the tree trunk or its primary limbs
  • Signs of decaying such as a large number of mushrooms on the trunk, or hollowing out of the tree trunk  Leaning or one-sided tree growth
  • Limbs and branches that hang precariously over the house, driveway, or power lines
  • Heavy branches that cross over each other
  • Sharp, V-shaped forks in big limbs rather than more gradual U-shaped forks

Once you or your arborist has spotted such problem signs, the next step is limb or tree removal at your Wilmington, DE home. In addition to knocking out problem limbs such as those that overhang or touch power lines, regular pruning can also prevent and eliminate the spread of harmful insects and diseases, bolstering the health of the tree.

Contact Stein Tree Service for Emergency Tree Removal Services in Wilmington, DE

At Stein Tree Service, our team is proud to provide affordable, proactive TreeFall Programs. These programs will save homeowners a lot of money if clean up and tree removal services are necessary. You pay much less up front, as a type of insurance against damage, than you would for emergency tree removal in Wilmington, DE following a storm. This program is designed to give you peace of mind and ensure you quickly get your property and your life back to normal following a devastating megastorm or nor’easter.

Contact Stein Tree Service today to learn more about our TreeFall programs and about onsite inspections for the proper care and maintenance of your trees.