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Call Tree Care Specialists to Safely Remove Downed Trees in Newark, DE

By Stein Tree
Posted on February 20, 2018
tree care specialialists in Newark DE - removing downed trees - Stein

Newark, DE traces its American history back to the early 1700s and a team of hardy English, Scots-Irish, and Welsh settlers. Ours is a community that prides itself on self-reliance and independence. Yet, even the most ardent do-it-yourselfers should note that contacting professional tree care specialists in Newark, DE is the safest move when removing downed trees.

Tee care work, in general, is hazardous, but removing downed trees is one of the most dangerous jobs. To successfully fell a tree or remove a tree that has already fallen takes a knowledge and experience to ensure that all goes well even when the unexpected happens. A few of the most pressing hazards include:

  • Electrocution. Trees and large branches that have fallen due to a storm frequently land on or near power lines. Saying you will be careful is easy, but foreseeing an accidental brush against a live wire is impossible. Expert tree care professionals in Newark, DE are experienced in working around wires and ensuring safe working conditions.
  • Ladder falls. Every year, over 164,000 Americans go to the emergency room with injuries resulting from a ladder fall, an average of 300 of which are ultimately fatal. The threat of falling while working on a downed tree is particularly high as the process requires the handling of unwieldy tools and plenty of moving while high in the tree. Tree care specialists in Newark, DE have the best in safety equipment to ensure members stay safe in dangerous circumstances.
  • Tool injury. The removal of downed trees requires the use of heavy equipment and dangerous tools like chainsaws. High-powered saws slice through thick tree limbs to make the task manageable, but those blades can also damage human limbs without proper care, experience, and protections. Expert tree care specialists are trained in all of the necessary and best recommended safety precautions.

When in Doubt, Contact Stein Tree Service for Skilled Tree Care Specialists

At Stein Tree Service, every member of our team is versed in the hazards and risks that come with the job of removing downed trees. Our tree care specialists are well-trained, and have the right equipment, training, and experience to ensure tree removal is done safely and efficiently. In addition, we are fully insured in case of accidental injury. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a tree removal appointment.




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