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Stein Tree Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Tree Care

By Stein Tree
Posted on August 15, 2019

If you are a homeowner with a yard, you are more than likely going to carry out some form of summer tree care. Delaware is full of many different varieties of flora and fauna, including a host of wonderful tree species. As tree care professionals, we hear a lot of questions, and below are a few of the most common.

What could be wrong if my tree starts dropping leaves in the summer?

The most common reason for this occurrence is dry and hot temperatures. As part of your regular summer tree care routine, ensuring that your trees are getting as much water as they need is important. Some trees require specific types of soil, or prefer more sunlight than others, so if a tree is planted in the wrong zone or type of soil, tree vitality could suffer. Another problem could be that nearby construction or heavy foot traffic has caused compaction of the soil. Even if the activity happened months ago, the impact on the tree roots and their ability to transport nutrients could continue to harm the tree over time.

My tree is too tall-can I just take some height off of the top?

Another very common query is regarding trees that are too tall for the area they are in. If you are considering planting a tree, be sure that the tree is the right type for the space allowed. For those that have outgrown their space, we recommend a professional pruning plan over time when possible. In some situations, the only viable solution is to remove the tree. Tree topping, the practice of cutting off a whole section of the top of the tree, is something that is harmful physically and aesthetically to the tree.

What can I do to reduce the risk of summer storm damage to my trees?

A smart practice is to have an annual inspection by a tree care specialist to determine if any potential problems, like tree disease or weakness, are present. We also recommend regular trimming and pruning of your trees. This will help reduce the likelihood of damage during summer rains and winds. You may also want to talk to an expert about cabling vulnerable trees to further protect them and your property from major storm damage.

How much water do my trees need in the summer time?

Proper watering is going to depend on two things: how old the trees are and what species of tree they are. Trees that have been established for a few years are going to be able to predict and deal with the annual water availability to an extent, but you may still need to help out during unusual droughts. Newer trees will require more of your attention. Different species of trees are going to require different watering amounts and techniques so do some research on what kind of trees you have and how best to take care of them in summer. A consultation with a certified arborist can help you get the answers as well.

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