Stein Tree Service, Pennsylvania Tree Removal Service Provider, Advises Care During Winter Storm Quinn and Ongoing Winter Weather

emergency tree removal due to Winter Storm Quinn- trees overhanging fence and cars in heavy snow - Stein Tree Service 800


March 9, 2018 – West Chester, PA – Winter Storm Quinn is still impacting the Pennsylvania area and forecasters are already looking ahead to more winter weather. Stein Tree Service, who has been steadily providing emergency tree removal since the Nor’easter hit last week, advises residents to inspect their trees, especially those that overhang power lines or structures.

According to Pennsylvania Real-Time News, Winter Storm Quinn was predicted to drop 3-6 inches of snow onto northwestern Pennsylvania, and a new storm could potentially gather intensity along the coast around March 11- March 12. Stein professionals have seen a great deal of damage to power lines and trees already. With the heavy snowfall adding more weight to already heavily laden tree branches, homeowners could see more trees fall, and those near homes pose the biggest threat.

Owner Jeff Stein commented, “The last thing homeowners want to see during a heavy snowfall is a tree come down on the roof. Then they are faced with finding other shelter for their families and pets, while worrying about damage to their homes’ interiors.” Stein advises residents to visually inspect any trees that are near structures and call a tree removal service company to check any that appear unwieldy.

Stein reminds residents that emergency tree removal is available from the company 24/7, but prevention is a valuable ally. The company’s specialists advise homeowners to take advantage of the brief respite before the next storm and ensure their families are safe from damage or injury due to falling trees or branches.

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