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What Kind of Tree Care Can Be Done in the Winter?

By Stein Tree
Posted on December 9, 2022

With bare-branched trees and frosty morning grass, you may think winter is a poor time for tree care. However, many tree care services can and should be performed in the winter. Stein Tree Service’s team is often very busy with winter tree care services, including tree trimming and tree removal.

Tree Removal

One example of tree work we have done during winter was removing a large red oak tree with an enormous cavity in the center. The trunk measured 27 feet in circumference. These are just a few pictures of the tree and a picture of the large chainsaw we needed to cut the trunk.

The tree had a large open wound and mushrooms, which made diagnosis easy. However, in some cases, the signs are more subtle. We have to use a resistograph (a device that drills into the tree to measure density or structural integrity) or other methods to determine the tree’s health. Some signs are more visible in the winter, and we can more easily determine them and other potential issues with trees.

Either way, with winter weather ahead, removing this large tree before heavy snow could cause the tree to fall and damage property or residents was a relief for the homeowners.

Tree Removal Wilmington - Stein staff next to large oak tree with wedge cut
large red oak tree removal tree downed beside tree stump - Stein Tree Service

Right of Way Clearing

Right-of-way clearing is another one of the winter tree care services we provide. Roadways and access areas must be clear for traffic or repair crews, particularly if power is disrupted. We have the equipment needed and have performed right-of-way clearing and tree maintenance services for local municipalities, businesses, and even residents who have areas on their properties with trees that block access.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Winter is a good time for trimming and pruning because the trees are dormant. As mentioned, the bare branches reveal more clearly if branches are dead, misshapen, or weak. These types of branches can cause damage if those branches break off during winter storms. Unfortunately, this scenario happens frequently in our area because heavy snow or ice accumulation weighs down the already struggling branches. As a result, the winter months are an excellent time to prune trees and shrubs to help make the surrounding area safer.

Our mini lift, affectionately nicknamed “the Spider,” (shown above) makes these services quicker, safer, and more efficient. View our video above to see how we can trim and remove trees from tight areas with homes nearby.

Winter Desiccation Treatment

Winter desiccation is a type of injury that trees and shrubs can experience during winter. This injury occurs when a tree loses more water than the tree absorbs from the roots. As the ground freezes during winter, tree roots have a more challenging time absorbing water from the frozen ground while losing water due to transpiration.

Desiccation primarily affects evergreen trees, more so than deciduous trees, because evergreens transpire (give off water vapor) at a higher rate than deciduous trees.

The solution for this type of tree care is anti-desiccant sprays to help reduce moisture loss, which must be applied at specific times of the year and require careful application.

Emergency Storm Clean Up

Stein Tree quickly responds when trees or branches fail in winter storms. For these concerns, we are available 24/7 and can reach most homes to evaluate within two hours. Quick response and clean-up are essential to someone whose house has just been struck by a tree.

Call Stein Tree for Winter Tree Care Services

Winter can be difficult for young trees and mature trees, presenting new issues for homeowners. Hire a professional tree care service company to keep your trees healthy and your property safe during winter. Stein Tree Service is fully insured, and our tree care specialists are passionate about providing exceptional winter tree care services. For any tree care concerns you have this winter, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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