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3 Benefits of Proactive Tree Maintenance

By Stein Tree
Posted on September 8, 2020

The best way to keep your trees healthy and beautiful is with proactive tree maintenance. Proactively maintaining and caring for your trees keeps them healthier for longer. More vigorous trees are also more beautiful trees and make your property more valuable. And performing routine maintenance helps reduce the number of potential issues and risks to your trees in the future.

Why Should You Practice Proactive Tree Maintenance

Below are three benefits of proactive tree care and maintenance.

1. Improved Tree Health

Photo of tree trunk | Proactive Tree Maintenance | Stein Tree Service

Proactive tree maintenance is an excellent way to maintain your tree’s long-term health. For example, waiting to prune a diseased branch increases the chance of the disease spreading throughout the tree. Whereas carefully monitoring the tree and pruning at the earliest signs of illness halts the spreading and preserves the rest of the tree’s health. The same goes for damaged branches and pest infestations such as emerald ash borer. By taking a proactive approach to tree care and maintenance, you can give your tree the best conditions to thrive and remain healthy.

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2. Enhanced Aesthetics & Property Value

In addition to your tree’s health, proactive care also improves and maintains your trees’ appearance. In the example of a diseased branch, waiting too long to prune the diseased branch could lead to an unsightly looking tree, or even one that is beyond saving and has to be removed. When your trees, plants, and landscape are healthy, your curb appeal and property value is higher. Preventive, proactive tree care ultimately makes your trees and landscape more valuable and appealing.

3 Benefits of Proactive Tree Maintenance Infographic | Stein Tree Service

3. Reduces Health & Safety Risks

Proactive tree maintenance has the benefit of reducing potential health and safety. Routine check-ups and maintenance allow arborists to spot signs of damage or disease earlier, making more drastic practices like possibly removing the tree unnecessary. Routinely inspecting and pruning damaged branches reduces the risk of further damage, such as the tree falling over or the branches falling off during storms or strong winds. In addition, you will save money in the long-run by minimizing these risks, since the damage from these sorts of events is often costly and uncovered by homeowner insurance policies. Keep your property and residents safe with a proactive approach to tree care and maintenance.

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