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Celebrate Arbor Day by Planting a Tree That Grows Well in Delaware or Pennsylvania

By Stein Tree
Posted on April 27, 2018

Today is Arbor Day and festivities have been taking place all over the country to celebrate trees and all the benefits they offer us. In recognition of Arbor Day, Stein Tree Service offers some great choices for trees that grow well in Delaware and Pennsylvania as well as some information about good tree care.

What is Arbor Day?

The first Arbor Day occurred on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska. The date was set up as a tree planting holiday by J. Sterling Morton, one of the pioneers who had moved into the Nebraska Territory. The settlers recognized the benefits of the trees, such as shading, keeping soil in place and as a material resource. According to information from, over a million trees were estimated to have been planted on that first Arbor Day. Later the date was set as April 22 and recognized nationwide, but now, the date that Arbor Day is observed is typically the last Friday in April.

How do People Celebrate?

Many people and businesses celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees. In addition to shade and windbreaks, trees provide healthy air, a place for animals to call home, and are beautiful additions to any landscape. You may find some opportunities to volunteer today or throughout the weekend, or just take the occasion to pick out a new specimen for your own landscape.

Great Tree Choices for Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware is Zone 7, which means that you can plant anything that can survive in zones 1-7. If the zone is higher, you may have trouble protecting the tree from the cold temperatures we sometimes experience here. The Delaware State Tree is the American Holly, a native tree which can grow from 35-65 feet high. The red berries are beautiful against the green prickly leaves in winter months.

Other trees that grow well in Delaware are the Eastern Redbud, with early spring pink and purple blooms, the Japanese Maple, Japanese Cherry, Red Dogwood, the poplar, and the towering Weeping Willow. If you prefer evergreens, the Blue Colorado Spruce is popular as well as the Norway Spruce and the American Arborvitae, a great border tree.

Popular Tree Choices for Pennsylvania

Most of Main Line Philadelphia falls in Zones 5-7, similar to Delaware, but some trees that are perfect for Delaware could struggle here. The Pennsylvania state tree is the Eastern Hemlock. This evergreen conifer grows up to 175 feet tall! Some great choices popular in Pennsylvania are Flowering Dogwoods, Tulip Trees, Autumn Blaze Maple Trees and the Weeping Willow.

Choose Stein Tree for Excellent Tree Care in Delaware and Pennsylvania

Whatever trees you like best, in order to keep them healthy and beautiful, they need proper care and maintenance. Stein Tree’s certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to keep your trees looking their best. For information about our services or for a free consultation, contact us today!




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Stein Tree Earns Permit to Work in Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Areas
Stein has a permit to work in spotted lanternfly quarantine areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Tree Service Companies have to be trained in proper moving and disposal of materials to avoid spread of the spotted lanternfly and Stein has completed the training courses. Learn more.

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In the spring, destructive emerald ash borer (EAB) adult beetles begin to emerge. These invasive pests can destroy your ash trees. Our specialists are certified to treat for EAB in Pennsylvania and Delaware. For a free consultation, contact us today.