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How to Beautify Your Yard This Spring with Tree Care and Tree Stump Removal Services in Newark

By Stein Tree
Posted on February 27, 2017

The end of winter is the best time of the year to think about how you want your yard to look in the coming spring and summer. Neglected trees and tree stumps are two common problems that can greatly reduce a home’s curb appeal and safety. Using tree care or tree stump removal services in Newark, such as those offered by Stein Tree Service, can help improve curb appeal.

Stump Removal Reduces Trip Hazards

Stumps left in the ground distract from the surrounding landscape and can be tripping hazards. A tree stump removal service in Newark will either grind the stump down or dig it out, depending on the size of the stump. The resulting hole can either be back-filled with the leftover saw dust or packed with fill dirt. 

Evaluate Tree Health

Stump removal is only one service of many offered by Stein Tree Service.  Stein Tree Service’s certified arborists have the extensive knowledge and background to evaluate the trees on your property and provide recommendations to improve overall health, vitality, and beauty. Recommendations will depend on the current state of your trees and may include:

  • Pest Control
  • Disease Management
  • Watering Recommendations
  • Potential Tree Removal or Transplant

Soil Composition Plays a Large Role in Overall Beauty

As with most types of vegetation, trees require a special blend of soil nutrients, PH levels, and moisture retention for optimum health. A certified arborist can test your soil and make recommendations based on their findings. Depending on the type of soil, location, and type of trees, you may need to add special fertilizer, change watering routines, or address PH levels accordingly.

Expert Pruning for Aesthetics and Health 

Pruning can create beautiful visuals, stimulating lush foliage and plentiful blooms. However, when done incorrectly, pruning can severely damage the tree, reducing its ability to acquire proper nutrients. Professionals will be able to evaluate each tree and provide expert pruning to safely improve the health of tree. 

A full-service tree care and tree stump removal service in Newark, such as Stein Tree Service, can easily and quickly remove hazardous stumps, evaluate your trees and soil, and provide expert advice regarding what you could do to improve the health of your trees and boost your home’s curb appeal. 

Call Stein Tree Service for Tree Care and Tree Removal Services in Newark, DE

To learn more ways a tree stump removal service in Newark can help to beautify your yard this spring, or to request a free consultation, please contact Stein Tree Service today. Since 1983, the Certified Arborists at Stein Tree Service have proudly served businesses and homeowners in the Newark and surrounding areas, and are currently licensed and insured in Delaware, and Maryland, Pennsylvania.




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