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Make a Positive First Impression with Commercial Tree Services

By Stein Tree
Posted on October 13, 2017

Timely, routine, and professional commercial tree service is imperative for two primary reasons: Aesthetics and Liability. The landscape in front and around your business door is the first thing many of your clients will notice when they step foot onto your property. Ensure those potential customers get a powerful first impression with manicured lawns and well-trimmed shrubs and trees. In addition, such well-trimmed and well-cared for beauty offers the second benefit of safety, as the removal of diseased, dead, or dying trees and branches eliminates the risk of branches or full trees falling down on pedestrians, vehicles, or even the building itself.

At Stein Tree Service, we are proud to provide a full suite of commercial tree services tailored to meet those two needs of beauty and safety. These services include:

  • Facility & Site Landscape Management Plan Development: Start off on the right foot with a complete landscape management plan tailored to meet your unique needs and location. We consult on new construction to help avoid damage to existing trees.
  • Landscape Planning & Recommendations: Our team will assist in recommending the best plant life for your landscape.
  • Trimming, Pruning, & Deadwooding: Worried about winter winds? Have our professional team come in and trim back or otherwise remove problem limbs.
  • Tree Removal & Site Clearing: Whether you are just breaking ground or need a diseased tree removed, our arborists will provide fast and safe full tree removal.
  • Right-of-Way Clearing: Right-of-way clearings remove potential hazards from critical areas, such as branches growing too close to utility lines and vegetation threatening to overtake walkways.
  • Landscape Plant Maintenance & Diagnostic: Keep your landscape healthy with our long-term plant maintenance and diagnostics service plans.
  • Insect & Disease Management: Our trained and experienced arborists utilize modern tools so that you can get quick and accurate identification and treatment of any plant problems you might have.
  • Tree Risk Assessment: If you are unsure of the liability or health of a tree on your commercial property, allow us to perform a full tree risk assessment so that you can have the information you need to move forward.
  • Fertilization & Soil Management: Yard health begins with the earth. Our services include fertilization and soil management to ensure your plants have the foundation they need to prosper.

Hire Commercial Tree Services for Inspections Before the Winter Storms

Fall is one of the best times to have a full tree risk assessment performed on a commercial property. Our professional team of arborists can safely remove problem limbs and trees before harsh winter winds and heavy snows heighten the risk. Late fall is also the ideal time for pruning due to lowered risks of tree infection and stress. Contact us today for a free consultation.




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Stein Tree Earns Permit to Work in Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Areas
Stein has a permit to work in spotted lanternfly quarantine areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Tree Service Companies have to be trained in proper moving and disposal of materials to avoid spread of the spotted lanternfly and Stein has completed the training courses. Learn more.

Emerald Ash Borer Inspection
In the spring, destructive emerald ash borer (EAB) adult beetles begin to emerge. These invasive pests can destroy your ash trees. Our specialists are certified to treat for EAB in Pennsylvania and Delaware. For a free consultation, contact us today.