TreeFall Program – Plan 1 – Up to 5 hours


PLAN 1 – Up to 5 hours of storm clean up and debris removal services annually for a low rate of only $299 per year. This can be a possible savings of up to $1,696.00 (Emergency rate of $399/hr x 5 hrs = $1,995 – $299.00 yearly plan = savings of $1,696.00).



Bad weather can occur at any time. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the cost to remove storm-damaged trees, limbs and debris from your property not covered by your homeowners insurance, which is often limited ONLY to the cost of removing the damaged portion of a tree that lands on an insured structure.  As an insured homeowner, you are more often than not burdened with the cost of removing any remaining portions of a damaged tree, removing fallen trees that have not damaged insured structures and debris removal and clean-up costs in general. Depending on the severity of the storm and the amount of resulting damage, you can find yourself out-of-pocket thousands of dollars for storm-related clean-up costs.

Stein Tree Service believes in giving our customers the best service and value for your money and that is why we developed the “TreeFall Program”, a program offering you added peace of mind should a storm strike, leaving your property covered with fallen limbs, downed trees and tree-related debris.

Don’t let clean-up and debris removal costs damage your budget because Mother Nature damaged your property.