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Why Is Right of Way Clearing Important?

Many businesses depend on nearby infrastructure, such as power lines or pipelines, to keep their company and staff productive because maintaining the integrity of this infrastructure is crucial; these businesses need right of way clearing. Right of way clearing maintenance is a service that arborists provide that ensures the infrastructures businesses and residents rely on are accessible and safe from potential tree damage. Stein discusses 3 reasons why right of way clearing is a vital service.

Prevent Infrastructure Damage & Maintain Safety

One of the most important reasons for right of way clearing is to keep the surrounding people and infrastructure safe. Some examples of scenarios where a tree is interfering with property and making the area unsafe include:

  • Branches that are too close to power lines
  • Weak trees near the sides of roads
  • Uncontrolled roots near an underground pipeline

In all these instances, a weakened tree can cause significant damage to people or property due to branches falling onto and cutting power lines or trees toppling over.

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Types of Damage Right of Way Clearing Prevents

Some of the types of damage that trees too close to power lines can cause include the following:

Power outages. When a tree branch hits a power line, a short circuit can result and lead to a power outage. This can be a significant inconvenience for businesses and residents. A blackout can also be dangerous if people rely on electricity for life-support equipment.

Fires. A fire can start if a tree branch touches a power line and arcs. This is a serious hazard, as power lines carry high-voltage electricity that can cause fires to spread quickly.

Electric shock. Trees growing near power lines pose an electrical hazard to anyone in contact with the tree at ground level. Given the right conditions, even if the trees and power lines are not touching, electricity can arc from the power line to nearby trees. This situation is hazardous and can be fatal to anyone near the tree, such as the workers responsible for the maintenance of the power lines.

Property damage. If a tree falls on a power line, the debris can result in costly damage to property, such as homes, businesses, and vehicles.

In addition to these direct hazards, trees that interfere with power lines can also create indirect risks. For example, if a power outage occurs due to a tree, traffic signals or streetlights may stop working, leading to traffic accidents.

Keeping Animals Away from Infrastructure

Another issue is that overgrown vegetation areas attract snakes, rodents, and larger animals like deer. Near a roadway, these animals can be hazards to drivers. For businesses that receive a lot of foot traffic, animals can carry unwanted diseases or insects that can put clients, family members, or pets at risk. Taking preventive measures by clearing these areas of unwanted or unsafe vegetation can significantly reduce the risk of injury or damage to people and property.

Improved Accessibility

Right-of-way clearing helps protect infrastructure from obstacles that may interfere with or obstruct travel. For example, hikers along a walking trail must carefully navigate an area where tree branches are low and close to eye level. Another example would be trees blocking work crews and vehicles from getting to their pipelines or utilities. By clearing these critical areas of overgrown trees and branches, people can easily, safely, and quickly move to their destination, which is especially vital in commercial or industrial areas.

Aesthetic Visibility

Land clearing improves the aesthetics and visibility of a property. Customers find properties with a lot of vegetation appealing. Still, brush and trees that grow in the wrong areas or appear poorly maintained can detract from the impression. Selectively clearing out weeds, brush, and trees creates more usable space for workers, making the space more appealing and welcoming to potential customers.

Practical Visibility

Clearing out select plants and trees makes patrolling, inspecting, and monitoring those areas or infrastructure components easier. Think of how difficult inspecting power lines would be with many branches and leaves obscuring the lines. Keeping these areas clear is necessary for workers to do their jobs properly, and by taking a proactive approach, you are keeping your business productive and reducing the likelihood of potential issues.

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Contact Stein Tree for Right of Way Clearing

If you want to keep your commercial property healthy and safe for visitors and employees, contact Stein Tree Service. Our ISA-certified arborists have hundreds of years of combined experience and knowledge of up-to-date safety standards and regulations. Stein has provided businesses and municipalities with right of way and maintenance services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. We work to ensure your trees are healthy and beautiful and maintain your business’s safety. Contact us today for more information on right of way clearing or our other services.

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