Tree Care in Wilmington, DE: Protect Trees When Adding Holiday Lighting


Right after Thanksgiving is a common time for homeowners to begin holiday decorations, and many of them love to string lights around their trees. Did you know that holiday lighting can be used for more practical uses than simply festive exterior decoration? Properly wrapping certain types of lights around your tree trunks and large branches is one method of winter tree care in Wilmington, DE to keep vulnerable trees warm and protected from frost damage. The following is a quick guide to which type of holiday lighting works best and how to protect your trees from damage while integrating those lights into your winter tree landscape.

How to Add Holiday Lighting to Trees

Get the right lights. The best type of holiday lighting to use around your trees if you are attempting to warm them is non-LED lights, as those emit too little heat. Older lights are typically good for this task. Be sure to choose a plug-in option with a timer and ample extensions. If you are only considering ease of use, the best type of holiday lighting to use around your trees is rope lighting, consisting of tiny LED lights that are ensnared in the plastic rope. This style of exterior lighting is easy to bend and wrap around your trees and the waterproofing provides durability and safety.

Begin high and wrap down. Start with one end of the strand of lights set high in a crook between the tree trunk and a large branch. Use a large zip tie to secure this end to the branch and then, once secured, begin wrapping the lights slowly down the tree to its base, securing periodic loops in place with zip lines on other large branches or similar spots. Take care to avoid wrapping wiring, zip ties, and lights too tightly around your live trees as this can damage the bark and sensitive tissue underneath.

Whether you are trying to protect your trees or just decorate for the holidays, you will want to be careful to protect your trees from damage. A few tips to keep in mind are:

  • Avoid compacting the soil around trees.
  • As already mentioned, avoid wrapping too tightly and constricting trunks or branches. If you damage the tree, especially in the winter, you will make it more susceptible to disease.
  • Use lights that are rated for outdoor use and in good condition, especially the wiring.
  • Avoid using too many strands of lights together or using extension cords unrated for outside use.

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