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What Is Commercial Tree Risk Assessment and What Are the Benefits?

By Stein Tree
Posted on November 6, 2020

If you own a business and have trees on your commercial property, a commercial tree risk assessment is a good way to protect your investment. Trees provide beauty and value to businesses, but poor maintenance and health can lead to hazards and risks for both the company and anyone nearby. By having a certified arborist provide a risk assessment to determine your trees’ condition, you can make your property safer and more appealing to you, employees, and potential customers.

What Is Commercial Tree Risk Assessment?

Commercial tree risk assessment is when an arborist evaluates the condition and health of the trees on commercial properties. The review process is thorough because of the many hazards trees can pose to nearby people and property. Assessing a tree can involve three main stages:

  1. The arborist will ask questions and interview the tree owner for pieces of vital information, such as when the owner planted the tree, how long has the tree resembled the current state, and if any construction has occurred near the tree.
  2. Next, the arborist will examine the current state of the tree, checking for any signs of disease, damage, or interference with nearby property (such as power lines).
  3. Finally, the arborist will compile all of the information into a report for the tree owner. The report will detail the findings, evaluations on the tree’s current state, and recommended solutions for any issues.

The Benefits of a Commercial Tree Risk Assessment

Infographic | Benefits of Commercial Tree Risk Assessment | Stein Tree Service

Business owners benefit greatly from tree risk assessments. Risk assessments and follow-up with any recommended services can reduce your chance of having any problems, and from being financially liable for potential costs from property and personal damage. You can also increase your business’s value and your customers’ perception through tree maintenance.

1. Reduced Liability for Personal Injury

You are responsible for maintaining your business’s property so that employees, customers, and passersby are safe. For example, suppose your trees are in poor condition, and the branches are at risk of falling. In that case, you have a greater chance of liability if those branches injure someone below (especially if your property gets a lot of foot traffic.) What is the best way of knowing if your tree branches are at risk of falling? By scheduling a commercial tree risk assessment. With a proper tree risk assessment, you can significantly reduce the potential risk of someone getting hurt and your chances of being financially liable in the unfortunate event that someone is injured.

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2. Prevent Property & Personal Damage

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The damage that hazardous trees can cause to the surrounding property and passerby is costly. Broken gutters, smashed roof or windows, wrecked cars, and snapped power lines are just a few of the many risks and damages that can cost you. Bodily injury is another unfortunate outcome that poorly maintained trees can cause. The most effective solution is to have regular tree risk assessments from certified arborists so that all of these potential damages and costs can be prevented.

3. Aesthetics, Value, & Appeal To Customers

Another outcome of tree risk assessments is that your trees can maintain their natural beauty and aesthetics. A thriving, healthy tree noticeably improves your property appeal, while unhealthy or damaged ones can decrease your property value. One of the most critical tasks when trying to attract new customers is making a great first impression, and a well-maintained landscape does just that. The first thing your customers may see is your landscape and entranceway, and people are more willing to spend their time and money on businesses with trees nearby.

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If you want to keep your commercial property safe and valuable, contact Stein Tree Service. Stein has provided residential and commercial tree care services to business owners in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland for decades. Our certified arborists have hundreds of years of combined experience and knowledge to care for commercial properties. We work to ensure your trees are healthy, safe, and beautiful. For more information on our services or to get a commercial tree risk assessment, contact us today.




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