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Tree Care in Newark, DE: What is Vertical Mulching?

By Stein Tree
Posted on September 8, 2017

Vertical mulching is a technique that your certified arborist may use when providing tree care in Newark, DE. Vertical mulching is a method of reducing stress your tree may be experiencing due to soil compaction or nutrient deprivation in the surrounding soil.

Vertical mulching is done by making a large number of small holes in the soil surrounding the root zone of your tree. These holes start approximately 8 feet away from the trunk of the tree in order to avoid damaging the feeder roots. Holes are 15 inches or more deep around the entire base of the tree.

Your vertical mulching should extend outward to at least the tree’s dripline, and possibly further. Your arborist will then fill the holes with a peat moss mixture that may contain sand, or even pea gravel, and fertilizer – depending on your specific landscape needs. Finally, the whole area receives a layer of mulch, which offers its own benefits.

Why is Vertical Mulching Good for My Trees?

Vertical mulching is a useful element of tree care in Newark, DE, because the technique helps aerate the soil where the roots are, creating more space for oxygen and water, and fighting compaction.

In addition, vertical mulching also helps add organic material into the soil around the root system. When these materials break down into the soil, the trees benefit from the additional nutrients.

Your certified arborist may advise that you could see an initial period of decline following this process. Over time, however, your tree will regain vigor and flourish.

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