Tree Care in West Chester: Fall Is a Great Time to Plant Trees

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Though the arrival of fall announces the end of the growing season, in West Chester, PA, homeowners know that fall is a great time to plant trees! The tree and plant health care professionals at Stein Tree Service care about your tree care in West Chester, PA. Though spring may be a favored time for planting trees, planting in the fall can help you have healthy, thriving trees in your landscape next summer.

Why is Fall a Great Time to Plant Trees?

Mid-to-late September marks the beginning of cooler weather, autumnal festivities, and the show-stopping, vivid displays of color as the leaves change. Planting new trees during this time of year gives them time to become established with the healthy root system they need to flourish.

The Perfect Combination

From September to early November, your newly planted trees have a good combination of mildly warm soil and cool air needed to support plant health and proper establishment. The wetter, cooler season means less watering while the stable temperatures help to promote rapid development within the roots of your new trees.

For optimal fall planting and tree care in West Chester, PA, plant potted trees with established growing root systems. A strong root system is vital for proper nourishment and the strength to stand up to wind when mature. Proper tree planting techniques give them the best chance to flourish and enjoy healthy growth throughout the years. As with at any other time, planting improperly can result in weakness or a tree that fails to thrive, so check with a certified arborist to be sure to get the right tree for your area, planted in the right way.

Tree Care in West Chester, PA

For superior tree care in West Chester, PA, the certified arborists and tree care specialists at Stein Tree Service can help. From Emerald Ash Borer prevention and treatment to trimming, pruning, and soil management, Stein Tree Service has you covered.

If you would like to learn more about the best way to plant your new trees, or need assistance with your fall planting project, contact Stein Tree Service to learn about our services! Our certified arborists and plant health care experts can help you make sure your trees enjoy excellent care in West Chester, PA. Contact us today at 302-478-3511!