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Arborists Promote Tree and Plant Health in Delaware

Trees are often a major part of our landscape. Plant health and tree health are critical to maintaining a strong, sustainable and attractive landscape, especially in urban areas. Although plants and trees grow naturally in our surroundings, the way we treat them in our yards creates some unnatural situations.

Certified arborists who perform audits during our plant health services programs look for problems with your trees and shrubs. We identify any issues and develop plans to protect and nurture your landscape.

Tree and Plant Health Concerns 

Tree Lacks Nutrients

Trees in our yards often lack essential nutrients. In the forest, trees enjoy nutrient-rich soil from decomposing leaves. In our neighborhoods, we remove fallen leaves, twigs, and bark each year. Removing the falling leaves keeps our yards looking nice, but prevents these nutrients from being recycled into the soil. Additionally, grass usually surrounds trees in our yards, which consumes nutrients and water.

How to solve this problem?

Add nutrition to the soil through fertilizers, mulch, and compost. Consult with our certified arborists to be certain what to feed your trees and when to feed them. Mulch your trees to replenish the soil with nutrients and microorganisms.

Compacted Soil around Trees 

Yards get a lot of traffic from people running, playing, and walking on them. All that activity, along with lawn equipment traffic, compacts the soil. In addition, a major soil compaction occurred when contractors built your house. Compacted soil results in nutrient-poor or stressed soil, crushed roots, and restricted root growth.

How to solve this problem?

Loosen the soil. Try vertical mulching to replace nutrient-depleted soil in the root zone. Mix in organic matter to improve the compacted soil.

Roots are Restricted

Tree roots expand as the tree grows and in our yards often run into obstacles. Even though tiny tree saplings seemed far enough from the road when planted, time and growth change the space needed. Roots spread beyond the edges of the tree canopy. Growth can lead to the roots running into barriers that limit root growth, such as buildings, roads, and sidewalks.

How to solve this problem?

By giving trees the essential nutrients and improving the soil health, you can assist those that have outgrown their space. Always remember to water your trees during dry spells and drought. Look for danger signs and contact an arborist if you see roots growing around another root or trunk.

Call Stein Tree Service for Plant Health Care in Delaware 

Stein Tree Service has been assessing and caring for trees for 33 years. Our arborists promote tree and plant health in Delaware, and are knowledgeable about tree diseases and damage as well as the best ways to assure continued tree and plant health. For a free consultation or tree assessment, contact us at 610-723-8056 today!



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