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Plant Health Care in Aston, PA

Your trees add considerable value to your property. Your home’s trees provide aesthetic beauty, shade, and shelter. However, unhealthy trees can be a danger; diseased and dying trees can fall at any time, causing damage to your house and to people. Maintaining plant health in trees is an important part of your responsibility as a property owner.

Tree and Plant Health Problems in Aston

Trees face many dangers and health challenges in Aston, PA.

  • Ash Borer. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an insect imported from Asia. The larvae and adult beetles feed on ash trees, causing the trees to die.
  • Other Pests. Many other local pests attack the trees and shrubs in the Aston, PA area.
  • Lightning Strike. A lightning strike can kill all or part of a tree.
  • Storm Damage. The wind from storms can cause branches to fall and can even cause entire trees to fall over. Storms are a particularly significant threat to trees that are already sick.

Tree Trimming and Tree Care to Prevent Problems

Tree care and maintenance, including trimming, is needed infrequently but regularly. Regular tree trimming and tree care are essential to healthy plants. As a property owner, you will need to be on the lookout for symptoms of disease and damage. Problems to look for include:

  • Leaning trunk.
  • Dying or dead branches.
  • Leaf thinning.
  • Early leaf fall.
  • Branches that reach over power lines or your rooftop.

Property owners with ash trees should also be watchful for symptoms of emerald ash borer presence, which include a thinning of the tree crown or dieback, bark splits, and growth of small branches below the crown.

Our certified arborists can spot problems before they cause damage to the tree and shrub. With a regular plant health services program, the arborist will help you maintain healthy trees, shrubs and other plants in your yard.

Tree Damage Prevention

Preventive maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep your trees healthy and beautiful throughout their lifespan. Services like restoration pruning, tree trimming, crown cleaning and crown thinning can all help your trees remain healthy, grow vigorously, avoid diseases and weather tough storms.

Trust Stein Tree Service for Your Tree and Plant Health in Aston

At Stein Tree Service, we employ certified arborists as well as a tree risk assessor for the most knowledgeable care of Aston PA landscapes. We also use state of the art equipment for tree trimming and tree care. Call us today to find out more about our Plant Health Services program for commercial and residential tree care, tree trimming and shrub pruning services!



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