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Plant Health Care in Greenville, DE

Plant Health Care (PHC) for trees and shrubs in Greenville, DE can require both protective and preventive actions. The best way to care for your plants and landscape is to have a regular program of inspection and maintenance.

Watch for any symptoms that require immediate attention. Some symptoms that trees need attention include early leaf drop, dead branches, or discolored leaves. If you see these symptoms, call your local arborist.

Sometimes the cause of these symptoms is a minor issue that is readily corrected. Other times, the situation is more complicated requiring a treatment or series of treatments that can stretch over the course of months or years. Occasionally, the tree is unable to be saved and removal is the only choice.

Plant Health Care Programs

Stein Tree Plant Health Care programs are customized and designed to maintain or increase a landscape’s health, look, and strength, utilizing the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices available. Plant Health Care calls for preventive treatment, routine tracking, as well as a great working relationship between the property owner and the arborist.

While trees are dominant in your landscape, they share the space with turf grasses, shrubs, and other plants. Bedding plants and turf grass intermingle and compete for nutrients and water. The roots of one mature tree may extend into your yard or flower beds. Every treatment placed on the yard (fertilizer and herbicide, for example) can impact the look and strength of a tree. Treatments applied to a tree can also determine the health of the grass underneath and surrounding plant life.

Arborists have the knowledge and training to identify many possible tree and shrub issues before they become life threatening. Arborists also can make recommendations for shrubs and trees like positioning and species choice, to prevent difficulties from occurring in the first place.

Call Stein Tree Service for Plant Health Care services in Greenville, DE

Stein Tree Service has been providing Plant Health Services for more than thirty years in the Greenville, DE area. We pride ourselves on our many satisfied customers and the beautiful landscapes we have helped protect. Our certified arborists know the best ways to keep trees and plants healthy in Greenville, DE and surrounding areas. For a free consultation or tree assessment, contact Stein Tree at 610-723-8056 today!



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