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Plant Health Care in Hockessin, DE

Plants and trees in the typical landscapes around Hockessin, DE require both protective and preventive care to thrive. Stein Tree Service has been providing Plant Health Care (PHC) services for over 30 years in the Delaware and Pennsylvania region.

Our team of highly skilled certified arborists offers advice and services to customers. If you are concerned about a tree or plant, give us a call, and we will come out to evaluate the problem. Often a visit of this nature is complimentary, and we work with the homeowner to develop a plan of action if necessary.

Many times the plan will mean soil supplements such as fertilizers and chemical injections. Since we are licensed to provide this service, you can rest assured that it will be according to the best procedures. Another service that may be needed is the trimming or pruning of trees and shrubs.

When the problem is more extensive and requires more drastic measures, we do our best to keep your costs, risks as well as the health of the trees and plants in mind when developing plans.

Customized Plant and Tree Care for your Trees and Shrubs

You can replace bedding plants in your yard in a few short weeks or a single growing season, but it might seem an eternity or more to replace a tree that is mature. Every customer has distinct landscape objects, so each plant health care program is individually developed and customized to the situation. Nevertheless, our programs do have several characteristics that are common.

Plant health care plans call for tracking the well-being of shrubs and trees. Tracking enables us to find issues before they become serious. Programs can be as simple as yearly visits to check on trees that are of particular importance. Or your landscape might call for more regular monthly or quarterly reviews by our certified arborist. The diversity of the plants and trees, as well as the size of your landscape and your particular landscape goals, determines your program.

Once issues are identified an arborist will work with you to develop a solution. A remedy might be as simple as reducing yard irrigation frequency or may contain more in-depth propositions, such as pruning or application of pesticides.

Your arborist will offer you information regarding your trees and shrubs that will permit you to make proper choices for your goals and budget. Plant Health Care is a plan tailored to the customer and her or his trees and shrubs.

What will a PHC Plan Cost?

At Stein Tree, we structure our plant health care program for each client. We charge for necessary treatments and provide an estimate beforehand. Our motto has always been “trees and customers first.

Customized Plant and Tree Care for your Hockessin, DE Landscape

Stein Tree Service has been providing tree care since 1983 and our Certified Arborists have the knowledge and skill needed to diagnose and treat your Hockessin, DE landscapes properly. For a free consultation or more information, contact us today



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